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WWE: What Happened to Kayfabe

Faces and heels in professional wrestling has always been something that is established. Whether the fans turn a wrestler into one or the other, or the wrestler bursts on the scene with a natural perception for their character. In 2019, however, faces and heels are going away because a wrestler has their true personality that they have in an everyday life and showcase it on social media as well…there is no mystique, kayfabe, or surprise anymore. There are zero cliffhangers at the end of wrestling shows.

Now, why is that? Are fans simply too smart? I wouldn’t say so, we still guess a whole lot. Even looking back at the 1990’s fans were smart and knew what was happening, but now they feel like we all have a voice and want it be heard. They want to be surprised…but if a build is too slow they turn on it. This day and age I feel fans do not have the attention span to give professional wrestling the opportunity it needs anymore to build up stars the proper way. Viewing the WWE the show had been doing very poorly with the absence of Roman Reigns, even if the fans do not want to admit it, and the show is now doing far better ratings ever since he returned from his battle with Leukemia. It takes months, if not years to build a star properly. The Rock, Stone Cold, Shawn Michales, Triple H were not made overnight. They had their beginning characters, were mid-carders and graduated into mega stars.

Wrestling needs faces and heels again. The fans need that someone to get behind and that someone who gets under your skin. The NEW Daniel Bryan is the perfect example of someone who the fans made the WWE change their direction to push him, but now he has done a great job getting under the fan’s skin. The Miz has done an amazing job going from someone who people hated to someone people respect and cheer for as he is now a face heading into this WrestleMania match against Shane McMahon. Between the WWE needing to work on their characters and the fans needing to not try to be so smart. People like to cheer for faces and boo the heels, but there is no such thing in 2019 and I believe if that were to change professional wrestling would catch fire again.

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