Overtime Heroics is in need of writers. If you are looking to get into writing or have been doing it for a while this is a perfect platform to get your voice heard!

We are currently looking for writers for every category and you can write about just about anything! We will proofread your work to ensure quality, but we will use it as a learning tool for you, in addition to helping you guys grow as writers.

If you have any questions feel free to message us! (you can do this on the forum by private messaging any of our writing staff)

Alternatively, you may also message our main Twitter account.

Attention Writers Who Are Interested in MLB

Baseball inquiries, please message @ConnerDempster or @KenAllison18 on Twitter.

Not only baseball opportunities, but also open slots in every sport we cover. Join the team. This is a paid position.

Come join the team!

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