WWE Smackdown Review 4/9/19


   WWE Wrestlemania Weekend came to a close on Tuesday night.  Brooklyn New York’s Barclays Center was host to New WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, “The Man” Becky Lynch and other top WWE Stars for the 2nd straight night.  The Atmosphere, as has been the case in recent years for every post Wrestlemania Show was Electric. Unfortunately, The WWE Universe was left with a bitter taste in thier mouths following Monday Night Raw.  Could the Blue Brand Do what Raw couldn’t and send this hostile crowd home happy?

 Smackdown live!  kicked off with the aforementioned New WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and The New Day receive  a heros welcome. The trio is hyped and legitimately exzubient while walking to a pre decorated ring. The New York crowd showers him with huge “You Deserve It Chants” Xavier Woods and Big E begin by reminiscing about the formation of “New Day” Woods recalls his hiring with WWE was at the time Kingston was set to debut. Yet, Kofi still took the time to welcome the new guy to the company.  Woods concludes his story by stating he never forgot that day because that was a day Woods “Met one of his hero’s.” The crowd is both impressed and frightend with BIG E’s ability to do the splits, continually holding it and humping the canvas. The New WWE champ takes the mic. The Champ introduces us to his family and thanks them for everything, which of course breaks the New York crowd  into a “Chi Chi” chant in reference to The champs Wife. Suddenly, The New Day get interrupted by Sheamus and Cesaro “The Bar” The two TROLL the crowd for ruiningset nights “Winner Take All” Match between Kofi and Monday Night Raw Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The Bar tell Kofi he should thank them for saving his title reign. Sheamus and Cesaro take turns calling Kofi nothing but a B+ Player and challenge them to a 6 Man Tag for later in the show.  The New Day accept jokingly reminding The Bar they’re one man short. Enter Drew McIntyre making his Smackdown Live! Debut to complete the teams for tonight’s Main Event.

Aleister Black, Ricochet, Ali VS Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, Andrade

 The match starts with Nakamura and Ali trading holds as we go to commercial.  When we return from commerical with Rusev now in control of Ali, pace has all men flying around until Ali hits his 450 splash on Andrade for the Win.

Winners: Ali, Aleister Black and Ricochet

Post Match:

  Ali is celebrating in the ring after picking up the Win when suddenly Randy Orton comes from outta nowhere and hits a RKO on Ali!!  Orton walks up the ramp admiring his handy work. Rusev is still in the ring when Suddenly Kevin Owens appears to deliver a Stunner! (That’s right!)  on Rusev.

 After commercial Carmella and R-truth are waiting to give a promo in the ring.  They talk about Wrestlemania until. Samoa Joe’s Music Hits!!

Samoa Joe VS R-Truth

  This Match last about 45 seconds and ends with Joe choking out truth and throwing him outta the ring.  Joe demands a Mic. Joe brags about Dominating Truth and reminding everyone how he beat Rey Mystero Jr. At Wrestlemania in under a minute as well.  He continues until, Braun Strowman makes his Smackdown Live! Debut running down to the ring to get his hands on Joe. Strowman and Joe exchange a few moves before he escapes leaving Braun In the ring as he walks up the ramp.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: (C) The Iconics vs Jobbers

 The Iconics start by claiming to be fighting champions.  They go on by Introducing 2 local women who the Champs claim have a record of 45-0.  The Bell rings… One minute later The Iconics pick up the victory.

Shane McMahon is out next to brag about his victory against The Miz at Wrestlemania.  Shane again brings up Miz’s dad, showing pictures of the two from Sunday. He ends by calling himself “Best In the World”  Before Shane leaves he starts picking on the ring announcer. Shane keeps making him repeat his introduction, Demanding BITW deserves a better introduction.  McMahon states Announcers “Job is on the line” after 4th attempt Shane walks away.

Smackdown Live! Tag Team Championships: The Usos VS The Hardy Boyz-

Matt and Jey start the match and The Usos gain control of the match.   Jimmy and Jey continue punishing Matt Hardy ultimately believing they’ve done enough to attempt a finish.  The Usos attempt their tandem splash but Matt Hardy somehow rolls outta the way. Matt Tags in Jeff hits the twist of faith, Jeff is now up on top rope to deliver in Swanton Bomb..   1,2,3!!

Winners: New Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions- The Hardy Boyz

 The Hardyz Celebrate in the ring, awaiting to give a post match interview.  Suddenly, Music Hits and out comes Lars Sullivan who completely destroys Smackdowns Brand New Tag Team Champs.

 Becky Lynch music starts and out comes The Man!!! The crowd is going crazy.  Becky awknowledges this and thanks the everyone. Becky 2 Belts talks about winning Sundays “Winner Take All” Women’s WWE Main Event at Wrestlemania.  The Man then brings up her altercation with Lacy Evans last night on Raw. We see a video recapping the womens showdown and comeback live with Becky walking back up the ramp before Shockingly getting cold clocked by Lacy Evans as we again go to commercial.

Sami Zayn is out next.  Zayn walks down the ramp, insults the crowd and walks right back up the ramp.

Main Event 6 Man Tag Team Match: The Bar & Drew McIntyre VS The New Day

 This was a nothing match.  Only noteworthy thing to mention is a potential Drew McIntyre Injury.  Drew was seen very early on in the match being helped back to the locker room off camera. Leaving The Bar alone to face The New Day. Kofi Kingston hits Sheamus with his finisher Trouble In Paradise for the Win.  Thus concludes the show and This years Wrestlemania Weekend.

Winners: The New Day

written by: Dan Vandal

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