Tyler Glasnow is the only pitcher you want in fantasy baseball


Written By: Richard Heaton

Fantasy-wise, 2019 has been a bad year to have pitchers on your fantasy team. Yes, it’s still early but many of last season’s best pitchers are seeing declining stats or facing some sort of injury.

Jacob deGrom, Corey Kluber, and Chris Sale are all prime examples. 

However, there’s one pitcher that’s been surprisingly effective. His name is Tyler Glasnow. It’s only the second week of May and this is already the best season of his career. 

In his most recent start Friday against the Orioles he went seven scoreless innings while striking out eight batters and allowing only three baserunners.

For the purpose of comparison and tracking progress, I will use a simple points system for pitchers which scores the following;

3 points for every inning pitched

1 point for every strikeout

4 points for every quality start

3 points for every win

-1 for every hit, walk, or hit batsmen

-3 for every earned run

-2 for every loss

Using this scoring system, Glasnow scored 33 points against the Orioles. Using this same system, the average ace scores around 17-20 points per start.

In comparison, let’s see how deGrom did last season at this point. Last year he scored 718 points, the most of any pitcher. Entering May 4th, he was 3-0 with a 1.87 ERA and 54 strikeouts over his first seven starts. 

Impressive right? Well at the time, deGrom had 138 total points. Glasnow also has seven starts, but he’s looking at a 6-0 record with a 1.47 ERA and 46 strikeouts. That’s good for 155 points. 

Following his start Friday, no pitcher had more than his 155 points, not even Justin Verlander or Kirby Yates. In fact, the only three players with more points were none other than Cody Bellinger, Christian Yelich, and Mike Trout. 

Talk about good company right?

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