Who is Michael Chavis?


Written By: Richard Heaton

If you’re a fan of the Red Sox, you know who Michael Chavis. If you aren’t a Red Sox fan, you probably also heard of him once or twice. 

But why is everyone talking about him? The 23-year-old just made his debut two weeks ago. He couldn’t have done something worthwhile in such a short span, right? 


14 games into his career, Chavis is playing incredibly well. His first two weeks of play have been very similar to how guys like Pete Alonso and Cody Bellinger began their careers. 

In just 14 games he recorded two or more hits five times and already cracked a 1.0 WAR. He already has hit six home runs which ties with Mookie Betts for second most on the team. 

Through his first four games of May, Chavis posted a 1.589 OPS with four extra-base hits in 16 at-bats. 

One of the coolest things about Chavis is that he can play anywhere in the infield when he’s needed. He’s played ten games at second and two apiece at first and third.

When it comes to fielding, Chavis has also been great, especially when it comes to double plays. He’s already been a part of nine double plays. He totaled nine all of last year.

Make sure you keep an eye on him. Whether you’re a fan of his, you have him on your fantasy team, or you collect his cards.

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