You can’t touch Chris Paddack


Written By: Richard Heaton

If you’re a hitter and you’re up against Chris Paddack, you’re better off not swinging the bat and hoping for a walk.

The up and coming Padres star knows how to keep hitters off the bases better than any pitcher. After his start against the Mets, his season ERA stood at 1.55 and his WHIP was an incredible 0.689.

Seven games is a very small sample size, but during those seven games, he hasn’t given up more than four hits in a start. Against the Mariners on April 24th, he gave up just one hit over seven innings.

In total, he gave up 18 hits over 40.2 innings. In comparison, of the 34 pitchers who have thrown at least 40 innings, not a single one of them has given up fewer than 30 hits. Mike Leake gave up 52 hits in 40.1 innings, Jacob deGrom gave up 33 in 40 innings, and even the really good Tyler Glasnow gave up 30 in 43 innings.

Paddack has also been doing very well with his strikeout to walk ratio. His start against the Mets was his first with double-digit strikeouts and over the course of his last five starts, he walked only five batters while striking out 35.

For a player who skipped over Triple-A and has a career ERA under 2 in the minors, it was a very good start to his career.

It’s been a refreshing sight for the Padres, seeing huge numbers from their newest rookies. In addition to Paddack, the Padres are also seeing production from Fernando Tatis Jr and Fransisco Mejia. The continued success of their young stars is in their best interest moving forward, and soon enough, Paddack may become their ace.

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