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Fantasy Football – top 6 RBs for 2020

Written By: Harrison Jones

It is never too early to look into Fantasy Football, and with Draft Season coming to an end, now is a perfect time to turn our attention to Fantasy Football. I won’t waste any more of your time. Let’s get right into it- here is the Fantasy Football- top 6 RBs 2020

  1. Saquan Barkley

Barkley was an absolute monster last year for the Giants, despite being a rookie. Now, after a whole year of experience under his belt, expect even greater things from Barkley. Also, don’t forget about how terrible the Giants offensive line was last year. They have addressed this issue by trading for Kevin Zeitler, the best Guard in the league. With an improved offensive line and more experience, the only thing that could keep Saquon from dominating this year is an unexpected injury.

2. Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley was an amazing player to have on your fantasy team last year, finishing with over 1,800 yards of total offense. He also has a jaw-dropping 21 touchdowns, and looked to break fantasy records. There is no question with Gurley’s play when he is on the field. However, that just might be the problem. Reports have came out saying how Gurley has arthritis in his knee. This could potentially be extremely serious for Gurley, but could also not be a huge deal. Until we are given further information, draft Gurley with caution.

3. Christian Mccaffrey

Mccaffery really came on during the second half of last season., averaging 23 points the last 8 weeks. If the panthers continue to use him as a receiving threat out of the backfield, expect great things from him.

4. Ezekiel Elliott

There are many factors that go into how a player does in Fantasy Football, but there are 2 that are the most important: the talent level of the player, and the usage of the player. Elliott is crazy talented and the Cowboys offense revolves around him- the perfect combination. If Elliott is still on the board at 4, it’s a no-brainer.

5. Alvin Kamara

Similar to Christian Mccaffrey, Kamara is a threat both in the run game and in the pass game. Kamara might have more carries in 2020, as a result of an aging Drew Brees. He is also a touchdown machine, as he posted 18 touchdowns in 2019. With the departure of Mark Ingram, expect Kamara to take on the load of a work-horse back. Kamara is going to get all the opportunity in the world, and he is well talented enough to capitalize on it.

6.  David Johnson

Obviously, the talent is there with David Johnson. He was terribly misused in the Cardinals mess of an offensive system, and with a new Head Coach, David Johnson could have the best year of his career since 2016, when he had more than 2,000 scrimmage yards.

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