The future for the Cleveland Indians

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Written By: @GrantPuskar_

The year is 2016. It’s game seven of the World Series. The Indians and the Cubs. Rajai Davis steps in the batters box to face one of and if not the hardest throwing pitcher in the majors, Aroldis Chapman. There is one runner on and Cleveland is buzzing. The fans in Progressive are going absolutely crazy. Rajai goes on to hit the biggest home run of his life and one of the best sports moments I’ve ever seen. Although it did not result in a win that moment was still such an iconic moment in sports history to this day.

The Cleveland Indians went on to lose that game seven after the rail delay that most thought was rigged and it slowed down all the momentum that the Indians had after the homer. Just like the Cavs historic 3-1 comeback, the Indians had blown a 3-1 World Series lead of their own. Cleveland is in shock. How could this possibly happen? Kluber had yet another bad start in that game, as he let up a leadoff home run like he had done multiple times that season. The loss still haunts myself as well as many other Cleveland fans to this day.

Fast forward to present day. The Cleveland Indians are sitting at 31-31 and currently ten and a half games back of the first place Minnesota Twins and two back from the wild card. The Indians should have some confidence going into tonight’s series with the Yankees as they did win the series with the twins in these past three games, taking two out of the three. But what’s next for the tribe? Should we blow up the team soon? I’ve said it many times Cleveland fans, the Indians are not going to pay Francisco Lindor. It is sad and very difficult to bring to reality but it is just the sad truth. Lindor is hitting .304 currently with 11 homers and 24 RBI’s. That is the consistent Lindor that we have seen since we drafted him in the minors, and since the day we brought him up to the big leagues. With that being said, since we know we aren’t going to pay him, should we trade him? I know I am not the only one who has been having these thoughts; why let a guy who is the face of our franchise and will be the face of whatever franchise he goes to next walk when you could possibly trade him for great young talent or good players? Think about guys like Kluber and Hand as well. I know Kluber is hurt but that doesn’t mean they may not move him before this season is over. He is still an ace on a pitching staff wherever he may end up. Look at Brad Hand, a guy who is 18 for 18 in save situations this year. He is one of the most dominant relievers in the game of baseball right now. Why wouldn’t the Indians move him to a contender?

All of this is obviously only talk if the Indians season takes off and we play out of our minds and become a playoff team. But if the Indians season continues on the path it is on now, all of this could turn into reality very quickly. Nobody wants it to happen and everyone believes that we will turn our season around and the Twins will not stay as hot as they’ve been all year, but trust me Cleveland fans. Everyone has to stay woke about our future, because everything could go south very quickly.

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