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Lonzo Ball should embrace fresh start

Lonzo Ball is now a member of the New Orleans Pelicans after yesterday’s blockbuster trade, and his should embrace a fresh start.

Ball was watching his little brother play in the Drew League yesterday when word of his trade began flooding social media. And while he declined to comment on it when asked, he was probably saying to himself…

“Thank God!”

Roller coaster two-year ride

What began as a fairy-tale start to a career quickly eroded into a seemingly never-ending string of misfortune for Ball in LA.

Imagine being Lonzo Ball two years ago. You’ve just been drafted 2nd overall by your hometown Los Angeles Lakers. You’re sitting next to Lakers legend Magic Johnson. He said your jersey would one day hang next to his.

Now imagine being Lonzo Ball a week ago. The arrival of LeBron James puts the team in win-now mode, but injuries are keeping you off the court. Your father’s bravado set expectations for you that you have not met, and that made you expendable.

Life comes at you fast….

A gift is a gift

But this could be a blessing in disguise for Ball, and he should embrace the fresh start. Especially this early in his career.

Lonzo wasn’t sent to basketball Siberia, the Pelicans have a stable front office and are not without talent. He and Zion Williamson could be exciting to watch in the open court.

Should the Pelicans choose to keep Drew Holiday, then New Orleans would post a formidable defensive backcourt with Ball.

Most importantly, he can resurrect his career without the glaring spotlight.

New Orleans is the league’s smallest market, and even with the arrival of Zion, they will not garner the national attention of a LeBron – AD led Lakers team.

Sometimes gifts don’t come in the packaging that we would like, but it’s still a gift nonetheless. Lonzo. He should embrace the fresh start and not look back.

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