Fantasy Talk: Two Start Pitchers for Next Week

There are a few pitchers that are two start pitchers for next week: June 24th to the 30th, let’s take a look at two guys who could provide some value off of the waiver wire.

Brad Keller, Kansas City Royals

Keller has two starts lined up next week. One is against the Cleveland Indians, and the other is against the Toronto Blue Jays. If you are looking for some pitching wins, this might not be the way to go. The Royals have the second fewest wins in baseball as a team. However, the 23-year-old right-hander could prove to be valuable this week.

Toronto is 27th in the MLB in runs scored and the Indians are 22nd in that same category. Keller has really limited the runs scored as of late, especially without including his most recent start against the Mariners. The three starts before that he only gave up five earned runs across 22 innings. During his start against the Minnesota Twins, he held one of the best offenses in the league scoreless for seven innings. This should help a fantasy team’s overall ERA since Keller can really do well against some weak offenses. Toronto is 27th and Cleveland is 23rd in OPS, meaning that Keller should really be able to limit traffic on the bases. No matter how someone slices these offenses, they are towards the bottom of the barrel.

Keller, to his credit, has done well over his past five starts. He has given up only three home runs and has only walked seven batters across 32 innings. His ERA is an inflated 4.50 due to a rough outing against the Mariners, but that may be an anomaly over this decent stretch. Keller only has 23 strikeouts over those same five starts, which is a draw back, but he is a serviceable pitcher that is rostered in 12.3% of ESPN leagues.

Erick Fedde, Washington Nationals

Fedde could not have it any better this next week. He is slated for two starts, one against the Miami Marlins and one against the Detroit Tigers. The 26-year-old did have a bit of a rough outing against the Arizona Diamondbacks, giving up five earned runs. However, that team is in the top third of the league in most hitting categories. 

The Marlins and the Detroit Tigers rank towards the bottom of the league for most offensive stat categories. The most notable of those categories is OPS (30th and 28th respectively). This means the team is not getting on base and not getting extra base hits. Detroit is 29th and Miami is 30th in home runs. Miami is 30th and Detroit is 27th in walks. There will not be much traffic on the bases for Fedde.

Fedde has already had a solid outing against the Marlins, where he gave up no runs across 5 innings and gave up 4 hits. He walked 4 batters, however, and that is something to keep an eye on with Fedde. The good news is that Fedde has started to limit his walks and has steadily decreased his BB/9 each year he has made big league appearances. Fedde has also lost a bit of his strikeout game. He owns a 5.2 K/9 which is a full 2 K/9 below his career norm. Even still, Fedde should prove to be a valuable pick up off the waiver wire as he is only owned in 1.3% of ESPN leagues.

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