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Welcome to the first annual Overtime Heroics NHL Mock Draft. We got together a group of our writers and staff to submit their picks for each team in this year’s NHL Draft in Vancouver. It was a consensus top two as everyone believes Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko will go to the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers respectively. After that, it gets to be uncertain. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. New Jersey Devils

@statman1956 – Jack Hughes – Hughes is a franchise center with elite vision, creativity, and high-end hockey skills and IQ. Hughes has long been the consensus number one pick and the Devils one-two punch of Hughes and Hischier will provide strength down the middle for years to come.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Jack Hughes – For the second year in a row, the Devils will be selecting first overall thanks to winning the draft lottery. The reward will be a franchise center, Jack Hughes. There is a chance that they move past Hughes and select dynamic sniper Kaapo Kakko, but they will probably select Hughes. The Devils now boast a solid 1-2 punch with Hughes and Hishier to compete with the best in the NHL.

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Jack Hughes– The consensus number one for the last 3 years isn’t going to be overshadowed by one tournament.

Tomahawk Chop – Jack Hughes – He has been considered the top prospect from the class for years now. His play on the ice has done nothing to change that. Easy choice for the Devils.

@WallMaz35 – Jack Hughes – Hughes is an elite playmaking center who has been on top of most draft rankings this year, attributed to his playmaking and his speed. He has the ability to take over games. One drawback on Jack Hughes is his physical play.

2. NY Rangers

@statman1956 – Kaapo Kakko – Kakko is a multi-talented winger with puck possession skills unmatched in this draft class. He can score in numerous ways and is likely the most NHL ready of all prospects eligible for the 2019 draft.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Kaapo Kakko – The Rangers need another difference maker in the big apple and Kakko definitely gives them that. He will thrive under the big lights of New York.

@FNTSYHCKTRADES – Kaapo Kakko – Probably the most refined talent in the draft. He has had success at every level and will immediately step into a top-six role in NY

Tomahawk Chop – Kaapo Kakko – His performance at the World Championships solidifies his spot as the top Winger in the draft. Any other year and he would be going first overall. Kaapo Kakko – His performance at the World Championships solidifies his spot as the top Winger in the draft. Any other year and he would be going first overall.

@WallMaz35 – Kaapo Kakko – Kakko is a very talented two-way forward who plays a great physical game and has a great shot and great passing. He is perhaps my favorite player in this draft. He is not gonna be a 100 point scorer, but he does flash offensive prowess.

3. Chicago Blackhawks

@statman1956 – Alex Turcotte – Turcotte is a two-way centerman and an Illinois native. He is the son of former NHL player Alfie Turcotte. His points per game were second to only Jack Hughes on the USNTDP U18 team.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Bowen Byram – Cornerstone defensemen Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook are 35 and 34 respectively. In other words, the Blackhawks need another franchise defenseman. Byram will give them that, that is why Stan Bowman will not hesitate to draft the 26 goal man from the WHL’s Vancouver Giants.

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Bowen Byram – The Top Defenseman in this class and he will make a great future top line pair with Adam Boqvist.

Tomahawk Chop – Kirby Dach – I know lots of people are saying Alex Turcotte the Chicago native here. But Dach’s top-end hockey IQ makes him the perfect heir to Jonathan Toews.

@WallMaz35 – Alex Turcotte – Turcotte is an amazing offensive talent. He plays a strong 200 foot game and amazing passing. The one problem with Turcotte was his injury earlier this season. He might have the highest upside of any forward in this draft not named Jack Hughes.

4. Colorado Avalanche (from Ottawa Senators)

@statman1956 – Bowen Byram – Byram has poise beyond his years and a well-rounded game. The thought of having two top defenders like Byram and Makar is too hard for the Avalanche not to make this selection.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Alex Turcotte – Despite making the playoffs, the Avalanche will have a chance to add another potential elite forward to their ranks. They have their superstar #1 center, now they need a solid two-way second line center to complement Nathan MacKinnon. Turcotte will give them this and more.  

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Alex Turcotte – A speedy, playmaking, two-way center that plays a very competitive 200 ft game.

Tomahawk Chop – Dylan Cozens – Cozens is a great skater for his size and he is a serious threat offensively. He would be a nice addition to the top-end forward talent that Colorado has.

@WallMaz35 – Dylan Cozens – Cozens, like Kakko has good size. He also has a great shot and jaw-dropping speed. He plays an excellent two-way game as well. He may not put up a bunch of points at the next level, but he will be a competent scorer.

5. Los Angeles Kings

@statman1956 – Trevor Zegras – Zegras is a wizard with the puck and creates scoring chances for his teammates with creativity and elite vision. Zegras also offers versatility as he has played both center and wing this past season.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Dylan Cozens – The Kings love their big, physical centermen. That is why it’s a no brainer they will select Cozens. He will be a welcome addition to a lineup needing an injection of elite young talent. Very similar to current Kings captain Anze Kopitar.

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Dylan Cozens – He is a big forward with top end skating abilities. Confident and quick with the puck. Great on ice vision with a pretty good shot too.

Tomahawk Chop – Bowen Byram – A solid contributor at both ends of the ice makes it hard for the Kings to pass on the best defenceman in the class.

@WallMaz35 – Bowen Byram – Byram is an elite two-way defenseman. He has great speed and has a great shot. He’s the unanimous #1 defenseman in this draft. He does need to work on his positioning and his gap control.

6. Detroit Red Wings

@statman1956- Dylan Cozens – Cozens plays an up-tempo game and drives hard to the net. His skating and shot are his two best assets.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Peyton Krebs – Now that Steve Yzerman is GM, he may find it difficult to pass on a player very similar to himself when he played for the winged wheel. Krebs possesses many Yzerman qualities. It may be a stretch, but I believe he will choose Krebs.

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Trevor Zegras – Elite two-way forward, that can play both center and wing. Very creative with the puck and is able to set up teammates just as easy as he can put the puck in the net.

Tomahawk Chop – Alex Turcotte – A two-way forward that would be an important factor in the Red Wings continued rebuild.

@WallMaz35 – Trevor Zegras – Zegras is a great playmaker. Like Hughes, he has great speed and amazing passing. He has a decent shot and just has insane creativity on the ice. Zegras needs to bulk up and be willing to play in the dirty areas before coming to the NHL.

7. Buffalo Sabres

@statman1956 – Vasili Podkolzin – Podkolzin is a power forward who is ultra-competitive who offers a strong two-way game. His defensive game is perhaps the best of the top end forwards in this draft.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Kirby Dach – Depth at center ice is an issue after Jack Eichel and Casey Middlestad. That’s why I believe they will select Dach with the 7th pick. Dach will give the Sabres enviable depth down the middle.

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Cole Caufield -A speedy, undersized forward that is a goal scoring machine. Very quick release and a precise shot.

Tomahawk Chop – Trevor Zegras – Centre depth is important in building a competitive team. Buffalo adds a do-it-all center in Zegras.

@WallMaz35 – Cole Caufield – Caufield is a premier scorer. He is an interesting player, he plays a very physical game with his 5’7” 150-pound frame. He has an amazing shot and has admirable speed. Caufield’s downfall is his size.

8. Edmonton Oilers

@statman1956- Philip Broberg – Broberg dominated both the Hlinka-Gretzky and U18 world championships playing against his peers. His skating is elite and the Oilers desperately need help on their blueline.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Vasili Podkolzin – It may be a risk to select him, since he may not enter the NHL for two years. But the Oilers need another game breaker to play with Connor McDavid. Leon Draisaitl has to be the second line center, and not always be forced to play with McDavid to generate offense. Podkolzin will give the Oiler’s a poor man’s Ovechkin. With McDavid or Draisaitl as his centerman, he will score plenty of goals.

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Kirby Dach – A big center that has elite vision and passing abilities. His big frame helps him workaround, or through, defenders.

Tomahawk Chop – Cole Caufield – The Oilers want someone that can get open for McDavid to get the puck to and then put it into the back of the net. Caufield knows how to do both these things very well.

@WallMaz35 – Vasili Podkolzin – Podkolzin is a very good power forward. He plays a power game and he has a great shot as well. He is competent in all three zones. He has great potential but has failed to put up points this year.

9. Anaheim Ducks

@statman1956 – Kirby Dach – Dach is a big-bodied centerman with a deadly shot and superior vision. He is among the best passers in the draft.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Trevor Zegras – Ryan Getzlaf is 33 and regressing every year. The Ducks need an ere apparent. This is why I believe they will select Zegras.   

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Peyton Krebs – Injury aside, Krebs has great hockey sense and is a force when in the offensive zone. He is a smart player, solid defensively with great positioning on the ice. Captain material.

Tomahawk Chop – Vasily Podkolzin – Anaheim, in rebuild mode, can afford to be patient and wait out his KHL contract. Talent-wise the Ducks get a steal here as long as he comes to the NHL at the exploration of his current contract

@WalMaz35 – Kirby Dach – Dach has great size. He also has great hands and excellent passing which makes him an excellent playmaker. Dach has been very inconsistent this year and his skating is a concern.

10. Vancouver Canucks

@statman1956 – Peyton Krebs – Krebs has excellent leadership qualities and offers a complete game. The versatile forward was captain of Team Canada at the U18 world championships. Despite his torn Achilles tendon, he will have ample time to recover before he is NHL ready.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Matthew Boldy – Despite dropping a spot after the draft lottery, the Canucks will select another excellent forward with the #10 pick. I had a hard time choosing between Caufield and Boldy, but in the end, Boldy’s upside and size tipped the scales for me. He will be a welcome addition to either Horvat or Pettersson’s wing when he enters the NHL.

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Matthew Boldy – Another product of the USDP going in the top 10. Offensively gifted with great puck handling skills.

Tomahawk Chop – Peyton Krebs – An elite center that plays great at both ends of the ice. Would fit nicely with Elias Pettersson in the long term.

@WalMaz35 – Matthew Boldy – Boldy is a very talented forward. He barely makes mistakes in his game with assets like his hockey sense, his shot and his powerful skating. Boldly isn’t amazing at anything, but he’s decent in all areas.

11. Philadelphia Flyers

@statman1956 – Matthew Boldy – Boldy is the top natural left winger available in this draft class. He offers a complete game and a team-first attitude. He has great hands and a deceptive shot.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Raphael Lavoie – The Flyers aversion to small forwards will keep them from selecting 5’7” dynamo Cole Caufield. Instead, they will probably select the bigger Lavoie. Lavoie possesses many of the qualities the Flyers look for in a forward. He will fit in nicely on a team with no forward under 5’10”.   

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Alex Newhook – Product if the BCHL, Newhook has elite skating skills. Fast and confident with the puck. His dominance in the BCHL continued to the World Juniors.

Tomahawk Chop – Matthew Boldy – I cannot see the Flyers keeping this pick with all their recent moves. If they keep it, adding a big-bodied player that plays strong down low is a perfect match for the Flyers.

@WalMaz35 – Philip Broberg – Broberg is a quality two-way defenseman. He is great in his own end, outstanding speed and has good hockey sense. He gives up the puck way too often and needs to work on his puck control.

12. Minnesota Wild

@statman1956 – Cole Caufield – Caufield is the most elite goal scorer available. He has the ability to find open space and has a quick release and deadly accurate shot.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Cole Caufield – After trading their second line center to the Nashville Predators, the Wild will be looking to add skill at the center ice position. Caufield will instantly do this. He dominated the U18 World Championships with 14 goals in 7 games. He could go much higher than 12.

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Vasili Podkolzin – A polarizing player that could go higher. A strong winger that plays tough and passionate.

Tomahawk Chop – Arthur Kaliyev – Minnesota needs centers to replace the old guard and they need goal scoring. Insert Ontario Hockey League 50 goal scorer in Kaliyev.

@WalMaz35 – Alex Newhook – Newhook is a great offensive talent. He has great speed and he has a great shot. He is good in the defensive zone. He has a great work ethic as well. Newhook plays in the BCHL which means he faces weaker competition.

13. Florida Panthers

@statman1956 – Alex Newhook – Newhook destroyed the competition in the British Columbia Hockey League this past season. He is a terrific skater with a very accurate shot. He will be headed to Boston College this fall.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Victor Soderstrom – After Aaron Ekblad and Mike Matheson, the Panthers don’t really have much in way of young offensive defenseman. This is why I believe the Panthers will select Soderstrom.   

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Victor Söderström– Good puck moving defenseman with a great shot. A good start to building up Florida’s defensive prospect pool.

Tomahawk Chop – Spencer Knight – The goalie situation in Florida is in dire needs of refreshment. Florida takes a large risk in drafting the best goalie in the class. (Note – I think Florida trades down to somewhere in the early 20s to draft Knight).

@WalMaz35 – Victor Söderström – Soderstrom is a very mobile two-way defenseman. He plays extremely well in all zones, is physical and makes great passes. Söderström needs to work on his play in the offensive zone.

14. Arizona Coyotes

@statman1956 – Victor Soderstrom – Soderstrom is a mobile defender with a solid transition game. He played the entire season in the top men’s league in Sweden and is steady and dependable in his own zone.

@SwaggyCanuckMZ – Alex Newhook – He dominated the BCHL for a second straight season posting 102 points in 53 games. The Coyotes will be happy with this pick as he will probably become their number one center not too far down the road.    

@FNTSYHCKYTRADES – Arthur Kaliyev – A great facilitator with a good hockey IQ and a deadly wrist shot.

Tomahawk Chop – Alex Newhook – A speedster who is a serious threat every time he has the puck. Arizona needs to add offense and they get it here.

@WalMaz35 – Arthur Kaliyev – Kaliyev might have the best shot in the draft. Also with that shot, he has decent speed and is a decent playmaker. Kaliyev is one-dimensional and needs to work on other aspects of his game. He has also lacked that drive to play as well.

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