The Devils Went Down to Nashville

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The Devils went down to Nashville. They were looking to make a deal. They came across this player who was a defenseman and was playing it hot. Shero jumped on the phone and said Poille let me tell you what…

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The Trade Details 

The New Jersey Devils acquired elite defenseman, PK Subban in exchange for defenseman Steven Santini and Jeremy Davies, as well as a 2019 2nd round pick and a 2020 2nd round pick.  The Nashville Predators turned the 2019 2nd round pick into two picks and selected two prospects, Yegor Afanasyev, and Alexander Campbell.

The Devils Perspective 

The Devils added a major component in the first round of the draft in Centre Jack Hughes. They also have elite left winger, Taylor Hall. So they have some significant talent and by adding an elite defenseman like Subban is a no-brainer when all you have to give up is picks and mid-level prospects. 

The addition of Subban goes against everything we believe the Devils to be, a boring, defense-focused team. Subban is most definitely not boring. In recent history, the Devils have not had an elite offensive defenseman the likes of Subban. This was a great move made by the Devils management. Adding another elite talent in Subban might be enough to get Hall to sign long term. 

The Predators Perspective 

In Nashville, it had to be all about cap space. Subban was owed 27 million over the next three years. So this frees up significant cap space for some important moves that the Predators will need to make. The Predators have lots of defense depth in Roman Josi, Ryan Ellis, Mattias Ekholm and top prospect Dante Fabbro. Therefore, they were able to let Subban go via trade and still have a strong defensive unit. 

The most important move that the cap space will allow for is the signing of Josi, their Captain, and their top defenseman.  They will also be able to use the cap space to sign someone who will help on offense, especially on their power play which was the worst in the league last year. 

The Winner 

In a vacuum and based solely on talent, the Devils won this trade by a landslide. They received an elite defenseman without giving up any shiny pieces in return. They also have lots of cap room to cover the money owed to Subban for the next three years. 

However, the Predators are a top team in the NHL. They can use the freed up cap space to add some offense which might be the missing ingredients to get them the coveted Stanley Cup. If the Predators can win the Cup in the near future then we will look back at this trade and say it was truly a win for both teams. 

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