BJ Penn in Trouble Again

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Troubling News

BJ Penn, 16-14-2, has made headlines again for all the wrong reason. With video emerging of the UFC Hall of Famer allegedly brawling with security staff at a strip club in Honolulu, Hawaii.

BJ Penn allegedly brawling with strip club security.

A pioneer of MMA and one of the most recognizable fighters in UFC history. BJ Penn has given us some of the best fights in memory but the years have taken a toll. Recent appearances in the octagon have left industry members voicing concern for his well being and questioning the decision to continue competing.

BJ Penn
BJ Penn after UFC 137

This recent story coming on the back of reports including Penn threatening a farmer with a machete.
A report of Penn’s partner obtaining a restraining order surfaced April 10, via MMA Junkie. The report included some chilling claims and signs that things are not as they should be for the MMA great.

The former UFC world champion has fallen on hard times competitively, not having won a fight since 2010. Once regarded as a pound for pound great Penn has fought for titles across multiple weight classes and is the owner of a spectacular highlight reel.
Having watched Penn compete at the highest levels of the sport it can be confronting seeing the shadow of his former self.
This becomes harder when stories of a troubled personal life begin to surface.

Perhaps with the lackluster performances and personal issues coming to light will be enough to pressure the UFC in to taking action. The golden rule of never tell a fighter to retire goes out the door when we begin watching their life fall apart at the seams.

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