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Euro U21 Final Prediction, Spain v Germany

No matter the age, the Germans always provide a powerhouse team in international play and U21 is no different. After scoring nine goals in the first two games, this German side did not slow down and beat Romania in the semifinal 4-2. Led by Marco Richter and Gian-Luca Waldschmidt, the pace and determination from this team can defeat any opponent in the way. Although, the only downside, they have let up a goal in each game so far.

Team News

Germany U21:

  • Game 1: Germany 3 Denmark 1
  • Game 2: Germany 6 Serbia 1
  • Game 3: Germany 1 Austria 1
  • Semifinal: Germany 4 Romania 2

Spain U21:

Like the German side, the Spanish have been on a nonstop scoring pursuit. After scoring 11 goals in their past three games, this Spanish side looks ready to go against any defense, including a tough German one. Led by Dani Ceballos and Mikel Oyarzabal, the youngsters have managed to score over 2.5 goals in Spain’s last five games. Spain will stack up the starting lineup with playmakers and try their best to prove their point from the second they step onto the field.

  • Game 1: Spain 1 Italy 3
  • Game 2: Spain 2 Belgium 1
  • Game 3: Spain 5 Poland 0
  • Semifinal: Spain 4 France 1

The Matchup

Both of these teams have shown their love for pushing the ball upfield, as far away as possible from their own goal. And no matter how hard both try to play defense, this game will be an offensive showcase as some young players will continue to make their case on the international stage. I believe the most important factor will be how Germany responds to Spain pace. Spain pushes the ball down your throat and will continue attempting crosses until someone finally scores. This can be horrible for Germany as they are one of the few teams who haven’t been able to keep one clean sheet yet.

Currently, Spain is favoured at -105, while Germany is at +250 and a regulation draw sits at +235. The totals sit at 2.5, 3. Also, to lift the trophy in general, Spain is at -180 while Germany is at +150.

Prediction: O2.5,3 (-111) Spain ML (-105)

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