Are the New Utah Jazz Legit?


Free Agency Adds

Many believe both of the Jazz free agent signings were steals. Bogdanovic signed for roughly $18 million a year. That is a steal, considering other players with similar skill sets are making over $20 million a year. Also, Ed Davis is considered a great back-up to Rudy Gobert, and they got him for only $5 million a year.

How will they fit in?

Currently, the Jazz starting lineup looks to have three 3&D guys, Bogdanovic, Ingles, and Conley. The reality is that a guy like Bogdanovic fits great in many places, but especially in Utah. Bogdan and Ingles are off ball players who can be lights out shooters. The team wants to make young star Donovan Mitchell the main guy, and these moves will help them achieve that goal.

How will this team look now?

We know Mitchell and Gobert are great players who can lead a team to the playoffs. But at times last year, Mitchell became more of a point guard and couldn’t focus on his excellence in scoring. Bringing in Conley solves that, as the high IQ play-making point guard will set up everything perfectly for the other three shooters on the court. What’s key about the shooters is that Ingles and Bogdanovic are spot up shooters who don’t need to dribble. This will create room for Conley and Mitchell to be able to drive and play make themselves. Just by the look of everything, this team looks like they will gel well, and defensively will be one of the best in the league, led by Gobert.

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So are they a finals contender?

Although they have so many great pieces and will likely play well as a team, I don’t think so yet. The reason is a simple one, who is the star? In the NBA, don’t expect to win anything unless you have a world class player who will lead you there. The Jazz may have all-stars in Gobert, Conley, and Mitchell, but who’s going to step up? Everyone hopes Mitchell turns into that star that leads this team through the Western Conference. But in a conference where the favored team has Lebron James and Anthony Davis, the Jazz don’t have the star power to compete for the ring just yet.

Predictions for the 2019-20 Jazz

  • 52-30
  • 4th seed in the western conference

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