The Lakers add Cousins, Green, and Cook to roster


By: Ben Meyerson | Follow me on Twitter @byBenMeyerson

Firstly, let’s acknowledge this. There is a narrative forming questioning whether the Lakers should’ve acted faster in free agency. It has not been perfect, but I stand by it. The chase for Kawhi Leonard, if it had been successful, would’ve likely set up the Lakers to three-peat, and more. The Lakers chasing Kawhi was worth while, and if not for Paul George, they would likely have Kawhi.

Next, I do like their roster construction now because they are getting guys they’re confident, in as well as low risk-high reward players. The signing of JaVale McGee, and Rajon Rondo are great. I believe the KCP signing was questionable. He signed a 2 year/$16 million contract. Some would say the only reason he got this contract is because he is apart of Klutch Sports Group. It’s a small gripe, but nonetheless, it’s wasted money they could’ve spent on a quality shooter.

I really like some of new signings: Danny Green, DeMarcus Cousins and Quinn Cook. Cousins being a low risk-high reward guy, while Green being a a steady finals seasoned vet. Meanwhile, Cook adds a young energetic player who has made the finals every year of his career (some sarcasm, doesn’t translate to text well). Point being, this is semi-decent roster construction and considering who’s running the show, this is refreshing.

Finally, this team is taking risks. Moreover, I admit, they are taking calculated risks like pairing former teammates Cousins and Davis together. The biggest worry, of course, will be the risk of injury. Cousins may never be the same player he once was, LeBron just had his first real serious injury, and Davis has missed time(never finishing a 82 game season). Lastly, with 3 potential stars, you cannot be too mad since there may be other risks involved with other stars. This was not plan A for the Lakers, however, in an offseason where they acquired AD, Boogie and Danny Green, you can’t be too upset with the outcome.


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