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NBA 2019-20 Season Division Futures

Now that the 2019 NBA Free Agency has cleared up, future odds have started to pop up. Division future bets are bets that you make before the season on a team to win their respected division. Although futures bets are usually about finding the best value, it often doesn’t take much to spot a clear division winner. In this article, we will discuss high-value bets to make on the new look NBA divisions.

NBA Eastern Conference: Atlantic Division Future

Philadelphia 76ers (+150)

This division can be one of the most competitive in the NBA. With a possibility of four playoff teams, the skill level is high in this division. The defending champs, Toronto Raptors lost their heart and soul, Kawhi Leonard, so for them, this upcoming year can be a struggle. The Brooklyn Nets added Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. But with Durant being out for likely the whole year, Kyrie will likely not be able to lead this team to anywhere truly special by himself. The Boston Celtics are another interesting team, adding Kemba Walker. They sit at +300, but it will take some time for that team to mesh with Kemba and the youth just isn’t ready to take the next step yet. That leaves us with the 76ers, with likely the best starting lineup in the NBA, this team will be a lockdown defensive team with high scoring threats in Embiid and Harris. No doubt, this team will struggle for some games here and there, but they should be able to win around 55 games, which will be enough to win this division. Also, the +150 line still brings bettors great value.

NBA Eastern Conference: Southeast Division Future

Miami Heat (+125)

This is one of those futures that seems to stick out right away. The Miami Heat play in a poor division. With the Wizards, Hawks, and Hornets not likely to make the playoffs, you can wipe out those teams. That leaves you with the Heat and the Orlando Magic (+250). The Magic have a solid team with young pieces who are improving and a possible new starter in Markelle Fultz. But the Heat have one of the youngest cores and adding All-star Jimmy Butler should be put them over the top for favorites in this division. The Magic finished last season three games ahead of the Heat, but Miami didn’t have a star like Butler to lead them into the playoffs. Getting to 45 games fulfills the winner and the Heat can get there with ease this year.

NBA Western Conference: Southwest Division Future

Houston Rockets (-125)

To many experts, this line seems low and strange. The Rockets, like the Heat, don’t play in the toughest division. With the second-best team, the Dallas Mavericks (+350) still developing their young core with Luka Doncic and the unicorn, don’t expect them to even possibly make the playoffs this year. The New Orleans Pelicans have lots of great young stars, but not yet. The first season or two maybe rough for them. And the Spurs don’t seem to be able to play at the top level with Demar DeRozan leading them. James Harden and Chris Paul might not be as good as they were last year, but expect them to have a good enough season to take care of this developing division. Especially take this line since it’s barely even juiced, (-125) and watch Harden lead in another possible MVP season.

NBA Western Conference: Pacific Division Future

Golden State Warriors (+500)

Yes, I know what you are thinking, I forgot LA became the basketball capital of the world. But no, not yet in the first year. Historically, new super teams have struggled throughout their first season together. With the Lakers and Clippers having to find new mesh together, it may take some time for the stars to learn to play well together. What’s a great organization that is always adapting and playing well? Oh yes, Golden State. As soon as Kevin Durant leaves, they don’t break down at all, they go and add D’Angelo Russell and strength their bench by adding Willie Cauley-Stein and Glenn Robinson. With Klay Thompson coming back at the all-star break, this team can still easily compete. The heart of the champion is real when it comes to the splash brothers, and while everyone overlooks them now, Steph plus a Russell for half the season, then Klay are ready to keep rolling in the Bay Area. The value line at +500 for this future is outstanding and should be played carefully. It is still a risk given the whole guard situation with Russell and Curry, but they are no doubt still a contending team in the NBA.

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