Blackhawks Trade Anisimov to Senators for Zack Smith

The Ottawa Senators and Chicago Blackhawks have completed a trade that will send Zack Smith to Chicago and Artem Anisimov to Ottawa. Let’s analyze the trade and look at some expectations of each player for his new team.

Zack Smith

Zack Smith comes off a year where he scored nine goals, and 19 assists for 28 points in 70 games played. It’s safe to say that Smith has been the odd man out since being waived last offseason. This move shows that Pierre Dorion is not done making moves. Smith is a gritty power forward that can help bring secondary scoring. He can score between 10-15 goals on an average year. In 2015-16, he had a career year scoring 25 goals and 11 assists for 36 points in 81 games. Smith was the longest-tenured Ottawa Senator, suiting up for 612 games since joining the team in 2008.

Artem Anisimov

Anisimov scored 15 goals and 22 assists for 37 points in 78 games. Consistently, he will score about 20 goals and 15-20 assists for about 40 points. This will be his fourth NHL team. He could help the Senators in their rebuild, having won the Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks. Anisimov brings talent and leadership that the Senators so desperately need.

My Predictions

I predict that Anisimov will be the Senators first line center this year and he should score between 20-25 goals for them and score about 40 points. I predict Smith will score about 10-15 goals for Chicago and should slot in as the third-line center. He could score between 30-40 points, and from a third line center that is good production.

Who Wins this Trade?

I believe that the Ottawa Senators are clear winners in this trade. As much as I love Zack Smith, as much as the teammates love him, the trade needed to happen. Smith was the odd man out, and he’s been moved up and down the lineup without any success this season. Anisimov is someone that will bring a fresh face in the locker room. I am honestly confused as to why the Chicago Blackhawks made this trade.

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Jacob Lariviere, Hockey Dept Head
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