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The Consequence of Drafting Tyreek Hill

Yesterday morning, Tyreek Hill was not charged with the accused crime beating of his three-year-old son. Police claimed that there wasn’t enough evidence that confirmed whether or not he committed such acts. That deems Hill a viable fantasy football option for players that draft based on skill and not personality. I will review both the ethical side and the fantasy side of having Hill on your fantasy team.

Ethical Side of drafting Hill

First up, the ethical, moral, and righteous side. Speaking on my behalf, I would not feel right drafting someone who has committed acts against my morals. Hill was also accused of attacking his girlfriend while he was in college. That incident was brushed under the rug so that Hill could be drafted by the Chiefs. That alone was enough to leave a bad taste in my mouth and never allow myself to draft him.

Present Day

Now, Hill is being accused of violently abusing his young child. There was recorded evidence on his girlfriend’s phone of their child saying he feared Hill. The child said that his father hit him across the chest multiple times until he stopped crying. There was also a rumor that his girlfriend was being abused as well. In the video evidence made public, we can hear Hill telling her “You should be afraid of me too, b****”.

Obviously, the police and NFL couldn’t put together enough evidence to officially charge Hill. In my opinion, with the acts he has committed in the past, plus these rumors, Hill should have been suspended. I do not see why the NFL is allowing him to continue to play. There are other players, who would do anything have their NFL shot, that are more deserving than this guy.

Fantasy Side of drafting Hill

Now onto the side most people want to hear about, the non-moral fantasy football side. Last year, Hill was a great fantasy option. There was no reason for him not to be starting in every fantasy league. Hill averaged 92 yards per game and caught 12 touchdowns in that span of time. Hill could have been considered as the best receiver in the game when he was at his peak.


Another big factor for Hill success is that he is fed the ball so often. Hill is the number one receiver on the high octane Chiefs offense. For those who play PPR leagues, you will love him. He caught the ball 82 times. Street & Smith’s had him projected to play five games this season and average 86 yards per game.

Hill may end up being a mid to late rounder in some leagues do to the uncertainty of potential charges that could come into the light. The NFL was cautious when announcing Hill’s non-suspension, adding “If any other evidence is brought forward, we will reconsider our position”. If other fantasy players are cautious, you could get a steal of a WR1 in the second round.

In the meantime, instead of Hill, these are some good WR3 or sleepers to look into. It is good to make sure you have a back up plan just in case something would come up between now and the season.

Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp will most definitely be a dark horse. Kupp, coming off multiple knee injuries, suffered an MCL sprain early in the season. He followed that injury up with a torn ACL. When he is playing he is always a guy to look out for. He had 40 receptions in only eight games last season along with six touchdowns. Kupp should return to his juggernaut rookie season ways this year.

Kenny Stills

Kenny Stills could be another option for those who want a receiver with a good amount of catches for PPR leagues. He had 37 catches in 15 games last year along with averaging 14.9 yards per catch and two 100 yard games. He has had two 800 yard seasons in his illustrious six-year career. Stills should see more snaps this year proposing an even bigger threat.

Golden Tate

Golden Tate has been a pretty good fantasy option as a WR3 or even a WR2 at times in his career. Tate seems to be settling into his new team quickly which should be an upside for the Giants and fantasy owners. He was signed to become the new starting receiver after Odell Beckham Jr was traded to the Browns. Tate has a big chance to showcase himself even if he is on a questionable Giants offense. He is more reward than risk.

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