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Indianapolis Colts rookies made an exclusive NFL list

The indispensable list has the rankings of the best players on offense and defense. The Indianapolis Colts have Darius Leonard ranked eighth on the defensive end of the ball. Quentin Nelson is ranked fourth on the offensive side.

NFL.com ranked the most indispensable player lists and the Indianapolis Colts have two rookies on the list.

Darius Leonard rookie linebacker for the Colts

The Colts drafted Darius Leonard in the second round of the 2018 NFL draft. He added first-team All-Pro and defensive player of the year to his accomplishments. He also led the league in tackles last season with 163. Due to his statistics and accountability, this puts Darius Leonard eighth on the defensive list.

The Madden rankings did not show Darius Leonard any love but the stats tell a different story.

Darius Leonard has a historic rookie season and this makes him indispensable.

Quentin Nelson rookie guard for the Colts

Quentin Nelson was selected sixth overall in the 2018 NFL draft and he did not disappoint. He became first-team All-Pro and made it to the Pro Bowl. The important stat for a Guard is penalties and sacks. He gave up only two sacks and had nine penalties.

In conclusion, Indianapolis Colts two rookies are truly indispensable.

Darius Leonard ranked eighth on the defensive side of the ball while Quentin Nelson ranked fourth on the offensive side. Darius took a terrible defense for years and changed it into a top ten defense. He makes the talent around him better. Whereas Nelson helped solidify the Guard play. Andrew Luck, the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, had 156 snaps without being sacked and it is due the strong play of Nelson and the Offensive line.

Look to Nelson and Leonard to take both the offense and defense to top ten in 2019. Take either one out of the equation and the Colts will struggle.

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