NBA Players dropping out of the FIBA World Cup could be devastating


The FIBA World Cup is one of the most exciting times for International Basketball fans, as they get to watch countries compete at an extremely high level. NBA stars usually participate in this global event, which drives even more media attention to the games. However, many of these NBA stars have opted to not participate in the FIBA World Cup, to focus their attention on the upcoming NBA season. NBA players dropping out of the FIBA World Cup The immediate reaction by the media would be that the occasion will be much less entertaining because there would be fewer household names. While that may be true, there is a much bigger effect at hand, an effect that could change the future of young international prospects.

Stars who Dropped Out

One of the NBA players who dropped out of the FIBA World Cup was Zion Williamson, who was just selected #1 overall by the New Orleans Pelicans. Williamson is perhaps the most highly anticipated prospect since Lebron James, and he alone would have attracted countless fans to view the games. Other stars such as James Harden, Anthony Davis, and Bradley Beal have dropped out of the World Cup, and professedly every notable NBA sensation has decided not to participate. However, the USA Team is still talented and should be the favorite to win the FIBA WorldCup.

What this means

The biggest problem with having so many impactful names drop out of the FIBA World Cup is there will not be fewer eyes looking at the young international prospects, who might be looking at their chance to make it into the NBA. Countries like France have produced a multitude of NBA talent. Over the years, Rudy Gobert, Tony Parker, Evan Fournier, and Nicolas Batum have come from France. This year, France has 5 players under the age of 27 participating in the World Cup, according to the official FIBA basketball website. Because of the lack of scouts and analysts watching them, these players will have less of a chance to prove themselves. Multiple countries, not just France, have several young prospects looking for a chance, and could now go overlooked.

As stated earlier, Team USA should remain the favorite to win. However, the problem is that international prospects won’t have as high of a chance to make a name for themselves. However, they will still have a solid chance to make their case to play with stiffer competition, and it is up to them to take advantage of that chance.

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