The fallout from the AJ Green injury

AJ Green will be out six to eight weeks with a torn ligament in his left ankle. This happened during seven on seven drills on the first day of training camp. He was routed for a deep ball and Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick got tangled up. This caused Dre to land on AJ Green’s ankle.

Green knew something was wrong when he hit the ground.

As soon as the play was over he immediately knew the outcome was going to be frustrating and painful. He held his ankle and had his head down thriving in pain. Players witnessed Green punching the bench and yelling in frustration when they took him off in a cart.

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At first, doctors ruled the injury to be an ankle sprain which would give him time to rest and be ready for the opening game. The MRI that was taken today shown the severity was worse. The injury is listed as a torn ligament in the ankle which would cause him to miss the opener against Seattle Seahawks and maybe more games.

Was there anyone at blame for the injury?

Dre Kirkpatrick has been struggling on his game the past two years. Clearly, by the video, he hasn’t stayed in shape during the offseason. The other reason might be the turf of Welcome Stadium in Dayton, Ohio. The Bengals were playing on old astroturf to begin the training camp.

This will be a major setback for the Bengals offense. They already lost the rookie first-round pick, Jonah Williams. Now the major part that keeps the offense rolling will be out. To make matters worse, this is Green’s contract year and the injuries will come to haunt him.

Should the Bengals trade AJ Green before the deadline?

It is too early to tell. He has been the cornerstone of the Bengals offense for eight years. He has also been to five Pro Bowls. Trading him will cause a disruption in an already struggling offense. Then again he has proven to be unreliable due to the last three years with injuries. All of his injuries are nagging injuries and bring him out their too early could cause more harm.

AJ Green is getting too old to regain what he lost. Even if he never gets healthy he can still be a major contributor. After injury with a successful season, Green can capture the Bengals records he wants to maintain.

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