Dallas Cowboys Rookie Running Backs Take Over


The Dallas Cowboys started their training camp this past weekend with a mission. The main mission is to concentrate on the talent at the running back position.

In 2017, star running back Ezekiel Elliott was suspended for eight games during the middle of the season. The options at running back at the time were Alford Morris and Darren McFadden. The results were disastrous. In the 2019 NFL Draft, the Cowboys made sure they got two viable running backs.

The Dallas Cowboys selected Tony Pollard and Mike Weber in the NFL draft.

Tony Pollard came from that high-powered passing offense from Memphis University. Mike Weber came from one of the best offenses in the Big Ten, Ohio State. Once again, the main reason for selections was to make sure they still have a running attack in case Zeke is absent.

Ezekiel Elliott is training in Cabo during his training camp holdout. Once again, another player is threatening a holdout for an extension. While he is training in Mexico, the two rookies are taking all the reps in training camp.

The two running backs have completely different styles but put them together that give a complete back look.

Dallas Cowboys Rookie Pollard
Dallas Cowboys fourth round pickup.

Tony Pollard is a scat back from Memphis. He was the second running back on the depth chart last season and still had 4,680 all-purpose yards in his three seasons. Over 2,000 yards were through kickoff returning. He had seven touchdowns on special teams alone. Most likely, Pollard will have a job as a return specialist, but he can be a starter on the offense with his speed and agility.

No Zeke for the Dallas Cowboys in camp
Dallas Cowboys seventh round pickup.

Mike Weber is the complete opposite of Pollard. He would be the work horse. His best move is between the tackles and he explodes through the holes. Once he clears the first wave, then his high gear kills a zone read. Most of his college career he was a backup, but still managed to rush for over 1,000 yards in his junior year.

Seeing both running backs getting first team reps will continue through the holdout. The Dallas Cowboys did sign Alfred Morris for a return season, but the reps should continue to be headed to the rookies. Remember, this is only precautionary in case Ezekiel Elliott does not return.

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