My Take on the Madden 20 Gameplay

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For the past few days, I have been exploring the new Madden and it’s new gameplay. Fixing last year’s game, EA has made this Madden with some carefulness, but of course, it still has its few flaws.

To explore the gameplay, I’m going to go through each of the positives and negatives on each side of the ball.


Well here’s the bright side, the fumbles do not come as often now. Last year’s game was awful with the amount of times anyone would fumble the ball. Whenever a running back was carrying the ball, a defensive player would hitstick and the ball would just fall out commonly. It was very disappointing. However, this year, the running game has felt more powerful and realistic. When I run with someone, like Saquon Barkley, he shows his true speed and flies. Also, the power to muscle off defenders and push forward is certainly there. A hit stick does not destroy him on the first go around with the ball. The running game feels much more in tune with today’s NFL.

Turning towards the passing game in Madden 20, the possibility of a sack has decreased. To control a lineman, it honestly is much more difficult to get to the QB, but that is how it should be. One negative of the passing game is that it’s much harder to find a man open. You have to be patient with it. If you are looking towards one route, it may take more time for the wide receiver to be open. An improved portion of Madden 20 is that it tells you why the QB threw inaccurately at the bottom of the screen. For example, it will say something like Inaccurate Bullet Pass- Pressure. This just means the QB either had a man about to tackle him or he was being tackled and that is why the pass was inaccurate.

Run game really takes the win on offense this year. It really does not have too many flaws with it. On the other hand, despite passing game being too up in the air, it still works and requires carefulness when throwing.


There have not been two many chances on the defensive side on the ball. It does feel that most turnovers have been toned down.

When playing as a lineman, being accurate and jumping off your line is the right way to play it. It is difficult to sack the QB and requires you to muscle off the offensive lineman with force. The QB can still easily be hitsticked and fumble the ball. However, for the more mobile QBs, it is definitely harder to have them give up the ball.

The passing game is still within reach for an interception. No real changes on the defensive passing side of the ball, but I have noticed that the defenders are much more speedy and can return the ball quicker. This is great after an interception. Another positive for the defense is that wide receivers/tight ends are more likely to drop the ball during a hitstick. Their handling of the ball is way down, but it does not mean there will be a fumble every game. It’s just frequent.

Special Teams

Kick returners beware. After a kick-off, it is still extremely hard to return a ball for a touchdown. Also, fumbles are very common as players return a kickoff. For advice, I just try to spin away or hide behind one of your blockers it will make it much more difficult for a fumble to occur. However, a positive is that the returners are realistically speedy. They can weave through tackles easily and avoid a clear hitstick. Definite carefulness is needed if kick returning.

Field goal blocks are harder to do than last year. I still have not been able to block one yet, which is unfortunate, but that is what it is supposed to be like.

Also, there was a glitch when I made a field goal and they called it no good. I have never seen anything like that before, but I am hoping it was a one-time thing.

My Conclusion

You may not agree with my conclusion, but this is what I think. It has a crisp game quality and players actually feel realistic. They feel like NFL players. The speed, the power, and the tackles feel like they should. They made many changes that have made the gameplay better, but a couple that just have not helped the game. This is a wonderful Madden game and I just love playing it. I give it a 8.7 out of 10.

Honestly, I’m going to go play more.

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