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Will Carmelo Anthony get another shot

Carmelo Anthony has had one of the most colorful careers for a power forward. He also is one of the most underrated players in the game. It is now August and he has been waiting for a job since February. He wont give up on the game he loves but will the game give him up.

Carmelo Anthony came into the NBA in 2003. The Denver Nuggets took him third overall and changed the landscape of the team ever since. The Nuggets were the laughing stocks of the league for more than a decade and transformed into a playoff contender.

Carmelo Anthony was a 10 time all-star and hit many plateaus. He was the youngest of the players to hit the 1000, 2000, and 5000 point marks. He also was the youngest to grab 1000 rebounds. Carmelo Anthony became the 40th member of the 20,000 point club during his stay with the New York Knicks, being the 10th quickest player to do so.

Great careers always come to an end but Carmelo Anthony has not had a happy ending.

The Knicks received Carmelo in a trade after ten years with the Nuggets. The Knicks had started to plummet in the eastern conference standings. They figured if Melo worked for the Nuggets having him could work for them. However, during his six year stay the Knicks managed to get past the first round of the playoffs once.

Carmelo Anthony as a New York Knick.
Carmelo Anthony

Toward the end Carmelo demanded a trade because of the many altercations he had with president of the team Phil Jackson. He got his wish and was traded to the Oklahoma city Thunder in 2017.

Carmelo passes legends in Oklahoma City.

During the 2017 season Carmelo Anthony passed five legends on the NBA career scoring list. He passed Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, Vince Carter, Patrick Ewing and Jerry West on the scoring ladder. On January 21, 2018 he became the 21st player to reach the 25,000 point plateau. Finally on March 19, 2018 he passed Reggie Miller with 25,289 points (19th).

“Melo” can still bury the rock after a great career.

After moving up the ladder last year was the year it all stopped. He was involved in a three man trade that sent him to Atlanta in the offseason. He accepted a contract buyout imediately after that.

On August 18, Carmelo Anthony signed a one year veteran minimum contract with the Houston Rockets. He was traded to the Bulls in January and was waived on February. He hasn’t played since.

Six months has passed and Carmelo is still without a job. With all of his attributes to the game should he be able to play one more time as long as he is healthy? With an astonishing career he should be able to leave on his own terms. He can still be a contributor even as a sixth man player.

There are a few potential landing spots. The LA Lakers, LA Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, and the Denver Nuggets are all great fits to end his career with a potential ring.

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