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Why Aren’t We Talking About Satoransky to the Bulls?

The NBA offseason has been flooded with stories. Most of these have focused on the top stars of the league. Most of the Summer was spent talking about guys like Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Russell Westbrook. However, there has been one “minor move” that hasn’t gotten enough attention, and his name is Tomas Satoransky.

The sign and trade for former Washington Wizards guard Tomas Satoransky by the Chicago Bulls reserves respect. The move is a home run by the bulls. Satoransky is not a household name, he is not a league pass darling, but what he is, is a great fit for one of the most compelling teams in the association.  

Satoransky never got his moment to shine with the Wizards, but with Chicago he should complement what they are doing perfectly. He is solid defensively and can play either guard position. His low usage rate will come in handy with a teammate like Zach LaVine.

Bulls look to bring the 'Everybody Eats' mentality with signing of Satoransky

The Bulls still have plenty of unanswered questions:

Will LaVine’s numbers translate to the win column?

How will Wendell Carter look when healthy?

How much is Coby White going to contribute?

Is Markkanen the type of player who can lead a playoff team?

The Bulls have the entire season to work out the above questions, but amid them all, they at least have one answer. The Bulls now have a veteran guard in Satoransky. He helps raise their floor and reassure the fans that the team is headed in the right direction.

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