No Holding Back: Stephen Curry


The Golden State Warriors will be packing up this summer and moving on from Oracle Arena to Chase Center, however that’s not the only change they will have to adapt to. The loss of Kevin Durant through free agency will bring out new roles in all of the Warriors’ roster. This should be an exciting team to watch next season, oh and by the way Stephen Curry will take over the game.


Role Change

Sure there are plenty of players that are getting a role change next season, including the names of Draymond Green, Kevon Looney, and even the newly added D’angelo Russell. The biggest name of all of whom will be showing out is Steph Curry. 

Steph Curry will be looking and be expected to pick up where he left off without Kevin Durant. The Curry who won back to back MVP awards, by a unanimous vote, has to return. Klay Thompson will be out for at least half the season, possibly the entire regular season. Filling in during Klay’s absence will be former Nets shooting guard D’angelo Russell. With Russell being an asset right away and Klay being sidelined for some time, Curry will also turn to the newly extended all star Draymond Green. 

Green has been the heart and soul of this Golden State team for as long as he’s been on the squad. Curry and Green have been a great pair ever since they united. Steph is more than ready for a new role and he wants to keep the dynasty rolling. With the second highest odds in the MVP race for next season, it sure looks like Curry has a high ceiling this coming season. Of course the warriors are better with KD on the squad, however the new roles will embrace what the team has been holding in for so long.

stephen curry klay thompson warriors
Stephen Curry helps his teammate Klay Thompson break the three point record for most in a game

The Loyalty and Sacrifice

When KD showed interest in potentially playing in Golden State, he stated that the ball movement and friendly team environment is what motivated him. Adding another all star on an already heavily loaded team, wasn’t going to come without change, and the biggest change was Steph. He sacrificed scoring and he showed the loyalty to Durant and looked to give him the best time in his career. 

Now Curry can unleash what he’s been holding in for so long. The MVP seasons we missed could very well come back this year, as Steph was presented with the second best odds to win the award. The loyalty to the Warriors team has made him one of the longest tenured players in the league. As for the sacrifice, with Durant gone you have the greatest shooter in history with his own team undeniable. 

The Warriors are definitely going to be a different team this year considering all the changes. However, as Klay said, it would be stupid to count them out. They will still be a playoff team and behind their original core should still be a hassle to contain. Also not to mention they have one of the best coaches in history with Steve Kerr. The Steph Curry I used to know will shine again, this time on his own stage. #RuintheGame

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