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The New England Patriots are one of the most successful teams in NFL history. The Patriots made it a fact that they were the best after winning this year’s Super Bowl. Can Jakobi Meyers make this Super Bowl-caliber roster as an undrafted free agent?

College and NFL Combine

Jakobi Meyers went to North Carolina State as a quarterback, but after his freshman year, he made the switch to receiver. He did this so he could find a spot on the field. In his senior year at North Carolina State Meyers had four touchdowns, 1047 yards, and 92 receptions. Meyers was a weapon on the North Carolina football team and after that season he went to the NFL Draft. In the NFL combine he put up average numbers and he did not catch the eye of any NFL team. After he went undrafted he was picked up by the Patriots. They picked him up since they were already weak at the receiver position because of injuries and drug violations.

Preseason and Training camp

At training camp, people talked about the potential in Meyers. He may just be the next Julian Edleman since both are similar players. They both made the transition from quarterback to wide receiver, also they were both low draft prospects, but high potential as players.  After weeks of training camp, Meyers was in the depth chart. In the preseason opener against the Lions, he led the game in receiving yards and touchdowns, shocking the whole crowd. Meyers caught two touchdowns for 69 yards on six receptions.

He was the center of attention after the Lions preseason game because of his outstanding performance. Meyers may make the roster in his rookie season because of the recent injuries on the Patriots. In that same game, the first-round pick for the Patriots, N’keal Harry got a questionable injury which will most likely take him out for the rest of preseason.

Training Camp Injuries and Opportunities

Receiver is one of the weakest positions on the Patriots since there top receivers in Julian Edelman, Demaryius Thomas, and Philip Dorsett have all gotten hurt recently. This leaves a huge hole to fill for whoever wants the position, that player could be Jakobi Meyers. He could come off the bench at the number four receiver on the Patriots. If the team was healthy he would drop a little bit, but I believe Meyers could be a future starter on the team. In the next three years, Thomas and Edlemen probably will retire. This leaves N’keal, Braxton Berrios, and Meyers to fill the holes on the team. My conclusion is that Meyers could be a top receiver for the Patriots in the future, but right now I either see him making the roster as a backup or taking a year on the practice squad.

Patriots Depth Chart

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