Ryan Allen being cut by the Patriots

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The Patriots have recently cut left-footed punter Ryan Allen since they drafted Jake Bailey in the NFL draft. This is why the Patriots cut Ryan Allen from the team. 

Allen’s Back Story

Ryan Allen was an undrafted free agent from Louisiana Tech in 2013. Over four seasons with Louisiana Tech he had 188 punts for 8,437 punting yards. He was a consistent punter in college averaging 44.9 yards per punt. His longest punt was 85 yards and he punted the football inside the 20-yard line 80 times. He was picked up in 2013 by the Patriots and had an amazing rookie season. He had career highs with 3,491 punting yards and 12 touch backs. After that season, it only went downhill. He went from a future Pro Bowl punter to just an average one.

2018 season leading to Allen getting cut

Allen is 29 years old and has not been his rookie self since 2016. He has under performed these past two seasons as a Patriot. The Patriots drafted Jake Bailey with the 165th pick in the fifth round of the 2019 draft. The Patriots had two scenarios in mind. Either Bailey was going to challenge Allen and make him work harder than ever before or Bailey is going to beat him for the starting role. Bailey is only 22 years old which shows he could progress and become a good punter. Allen is on his last legs as a punter and his career is coming to an end. So the Patriots took the safe root by cutting him. Ryan Allen will always be remembered in New England for helping us win three Super Bowls, but his career may come to an end this season.

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