Nick Chubb: The Forgotten Man


The Browns have revamped the offense and grabbed headlines over the last two years under John Dorsey. Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry stole headlines with rookie touchdown records and speeches about changing the culture in Cleveland. Not to be outdone, Dorsey orchestrated the blockbuster trade of the offseason. The Odell Beckham Jr. show moved from New York to Cleveland. He then grabbed disgraced former rushing champ Kareem Hunt off the free-agent market, creating waves in both the NFL and local media. In the center of all the controversy, hype, and ego is Nick Chubb, the forgotten man.

Nick Chubb is not an attention-grabbing guy off the field. Nick quietly does some charity work. Selfishly promotes his website following his journey transitioning to the NFL. Even his twitter is dull (Sorry Nick). He is content to go about his job then head on home quietly. If you want Nick Chubb to cause a stir, then get to a Brown’s game and enjoy the sounds of pads popping and ankles breaking.

Strong Rookie Campaign

The Browns took Chubb with the 35th pick in the 2018 draft. He opened the season behind Carlos Hyde on the depth chart, one of Hue Jackson’s many mistakes in 2018. Through the first six games of 2018 Chubb received only 16 carries. Why would you pick a player in the second round and only give him 16 carries? Especially one that blasted the Raiders defense in week four for 103 yards on just three carries? Jackson and then offensive coordinator Todd Haley, that’s how. Finally, John Dorsey stepped in by trading Carlos Hyde to the Jaguars, placing Chubb firmly atop the running back depth chart. The last nine games of the year became something extraordinary to watch with the ball in his hands.

Second Half Explosion

While Baker Mayfield and the Browns passing game captured headlines for how they finished 2018 under Freddie Kitchens, an overlooked part is a running game that averaged 109.25 rushing yards per game. Chubb was the driving force averaging 17.5 carries for 84.75 yards a game. While a punishing runner, he also brought a homerun element to the attack with runs of 92 yards against the Falcons and 40 Yards against the Broncos. Combine that with the Raiders game earlier in the year and Chubb gave the Browns four runs of 40+ yards last year. Chubb also showed off some receiving chops that were not apparent during his college years with 20 catches on the year. Those numbers will make Brown’s fans dream about what a full season might entail.

What to expect in 2019

Well? More of the same. Kitchens returns to lead the offense and Chubb is now the undisputed starter, regardless of the Kareem Hunt signing. If you extrapolate Chubb’s numbers over a 16 game season under the eight games he had with Kitchens both fantasy nerds and Browns fans alike should be excited.

2019 Projection: Nick Chubb: 280 Atts 1356 Yards 4.8 avg 12 TDs 36 rec 278 Yards 7.72 Avg 4 TD

Anyone looking for Nick Chubb riding the Browns hype train is looking in the wrong spot. He is the quiet, hard-working engine providing the steam for what should be one of the most electric offensive attacks in the NFL. Finally, we get back to where Chubb is the loudest in life, the football field.

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