2019-2020 NBA Rookie Survey: Notable Results

NBA Rooks
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Every year the NBA will run surveys across incoming rookies and GMs to get their opinions on things happening across the league. This year’s rookie survey was particularly interesting due to all the big names coming out of this year’s draft. What did this year’s draft class have to say about their fellow rookies?

Which rookie will have the best career?

Which rookie was the biggest steal at where he was selected in the Draft?

Who will be the 2019-20 Kia Rookie of the Year?

Which rookie is the most athletic?

What will be the biggest adjustment for you, playing in the NBA?

Which rookie is the best shooter?

What is the most important skill you need to develop?

Which rookie is the best defender?

Who is your favorite player in the league?

Which rookie is the best playmaker?

Cam Reddish Voted To Have Best NBA Career.

Cam Reddish
Courtesy of New York Post

When asked, which rookie will have the best career? NBA rookies voted in favor of Cam Reddish, receiving 19 percent of the vote. This is surprising for several reasons. Reddish was regarded as the THIRD best player on his team in college and struggled at times throughout the season. His new teammate De’Andre Hunter who was taken several picks before him in the draft, was behind him in the vote by eight percent. Perhaps the most surprising part about this is that his old teammate, Zion Williamson, was tied for 4th in this poll at only 5 percent. There are some NBA players that consider Zion a top player in the NBA ALREADY. Yet the incoming rookies think Cam Reddish will have the best career? Interesting.

Boston Rookies Received A Lot of Votes.

Celtics Rooks
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The Celtics drafted four players in this year’s draft and signed fan favorite Tacko Fall to a summer league contract. They followed that up with an impressive run in the NBA summer league. Despite that, the Celtics rookies have gone somewhat under the radar, but not by their fellow rookies. Collectively, they received at lease one vote 12 times throughout the entire poll. Carsen Edwards, Romeo Langford, and Grant Williams ALL received votes for who they think would win rookie of the year. NBA rookies voted for Edwards at least once for five different questions, which is tied for most with Coby White. When asked, which rookie was the biggest steal at where he was selected in the draft? Rookies voted for both Carsen Edwards and Grant Williams with each of them receiving five percent of the vote.

87 Percent of Rookies Think Zion Is the Most Athletic

Courtesy of Greensboro.com

It is no surprise that Zion is the most hyped rookie in a long time, possibly ever. Yet there has still been a lot of disparity in this survey when it comes to voting for Zion. However, this year’s draft class overwhelmingly thinks that Zion is the most athletic player in the draft. This is an NBA rookie survey record. In fact, the next closest in recent history was Zach LaVine in 2014 who received 57 percent of the vote. Zion cleared that number by 30 percent. This is further proof that Zion is a type of athlete we have never seen before. His athleticism will certainly draw some eyes towards New Orleans this NBA season.

Ja Morant is Right Behind Zion.

Ja Morant 1
Courtesy of Clutch Points

The media has overlooked Ja Morant when you consider the season he had and the talent he displayed. However, the number two pick in the draft has opened the eyes of his fellow rookies. He is right behind Zion in the rookie of the year question with 27 percent. In addition, he is second behind Cam Reddish in the best career question with 16 percent. The one question that Morant did win was which rookie is the best play maker? He received 40 percent of the vote, which was 25 percent higher than the next closest, Darius Garland.

Biggest Adjustment To the NBA: Pace of Play

When asked, what will be the biggest adjustment for you, playing in the NBA? Forty percent of NBA rookies said speed or pace of the game would be the biggest adjustment. We have heard a million times that the NBA has changed so much over the past decade. Now it is too the point that pace of play is the biggest adjustment a player has to make if they want to play in the NBA. People find it more difficult to adjust to that than to adjust to the actual life style of the NBA and playing defense against top level players. Rookies also voted shooting as the skill they had to work on the most at 32 percent. These rookies know if you can’t pace and space in the NBA, you don’t belong.

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