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Bruins Report Cards: Patrice Bergeron

Despite getting hurt in November against Dallas and missing 16 games, Patrice Bergeron remains the Bruins top center. In his return on Dec 22 at home against Nashville, the Bruins won 5-2, in which he had two goals and an assist.

Grade A

2018-19 Stats 

65 32 47 79 23 10.1 30 205 3 18:28 57.0 58.8

End of the Year Awards

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  • Bergeron’s strengths are well shown on the ice. His leadership and the way he directs his line are why he’s on the top line.

Homework for the Offseason

  • Stay healthy
  • Practice

Memorable Highlight


Bergeron is known for his face off prowess. His record for the season is 786 wins to 603 losses. His shots on goal for the season were 205, but that’s mostly due to fact that he is constantly setting up his teammates to score.

The Bruins’ top line was not at its best during the Stanley Cup Finals, so it’s not surprising that both Bergeron and Brad Marchand (groin, oblique, hand) were banged up during the series. Additionally, it wouldn’t shock us if we learn later that David Pastrnak was also dealing with an injury.

Despite the disappointing ending, Bergeron, who will not require off season surgery, turned in a stellar effort this past season. He logged 32 goals and a career-high 79 points in 65 games en route to garnering his eighth straight Selke Award nomination. The 33-year-old is signed with the Bruins through the 2021-22 season and will thus reprise his duties as the team’s number one center next campaign.

There has been talk about who will be named captain after Zdeno Chara retires. I believe that it should be Bergeron, but the rumor mill is indicating another player taking on that role. Either way, there is no denying that Bergeron is a reliable leader who is looked up to by many in the Bruins organization.  


If Bergeron can stay healthy I predict that he will greatly raise his goals and assists stats. My numbers for that are 48 goals with 79 assists. I based that on the fact that in 2018-19 he missed 16 games due to injury.

Potential Linemates 

Bruins Brad  Marchand
Brad Marchand
 Image by Dinur Blum (@Rabbi_d) Via Flickr

Bruins David  Pastrnak
David Pastrnak
 Image by Dinur Blum (@Rabbi_d) Via Flickr

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