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Breaking news: Clowney traded to the Seahawks

For weeks now Jadeveon Clowney has been attached to several teams as a possible trade destination. Since the extension deadline had passed this offseason Clowney has refused to sign the Texans franchise tender they offered him. The Clowney trade comes as no surprise. The Texans had been reluctant to give the 3-time pro bowler a long term deal at Kahlil Mack level money.

In this trade, the Seahawks gets an all-pro linebacker/defensive end who is a game-changer. They also did not have to give up any of their core talent.

This had been an ongoing issue for two years for the Texans. With the trade, they bring in a 3rd round pick, LB Jacob Martin and pass rusher Barkevious Mingo.

This will give the Texans depth at linebacker but does not address the offensive line or the issues at running back. The Texans by not handling this situation earlier in the offseason put themselves in a bind. This was reportedly one of the reasons former GM Brian Gaines was let go earlier this offseason.

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