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Bruins Report Card: Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand’s strengths are quite remarkable. It is hard to narrow them down to a list. But if this writer had to choose one. I say it’s his ability to capitalize on the other team’s weaknesses specifically on the power play. In the 2018-19 season, he scored ten power play goals and three short-handed goals.

Grade A

2018-19 Stats

79 36 64 100 15 11.7 96 231 9 19:37 55.2 61.3

End of the Year Awards

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Homework for the Offseason

  • Stay healthy 
  • Keep attitude in check
  • Prepare for the new season

Memorable Highlights


Brad Marchand’s game is a combination of competitiveness, energy, and ability. Some may complain about his methods, but no one doubts his effectiveness.

In my opinion, Marchand is the man in power play situations. Whether it be the B’s being short handed or the other team. His talents really show when the pressure is on. Which is also why he had nine game-winning goals for the season.

Marchand works well with his long-time teammate, Patrice Bergeron. The pair have made their line the top line on the Bruin’s roster. Marchand and Bergeron seem like they can read each other’s minds when playing on the ice and they share this amazing talent with whoever is assigned to be their right-wing for that shift. Lately, that player has been David Pastrnak and the young man has learned how to score goals and feed off the energy of his two senior partners.

Marchand is known as the “Little Ball of Hate,” but this year he behaved a lot like the previous year when he got in trouble with the league for licking people.

As for the low lights of the season, Marchand spent 96 minutes in the penalty box. All of which can be argued whether or not it was called for, but sometimes “The Little Ball of Hate” likes to instigate and exchange words that get him in trouble. 

Amy Tolman with Brad Marchand

I personally have met Marchand a couple of times. He has a remarkable personality and is fun to talk to. He has great respect for the fans and they love him in return.


My prediction for Marchand in 2019-20 is that as long as he stays out of the penalty box, his numbers will go up!  The Bruins need him on power plays, especially when it’s the Bruins who are short-handed. In the ten years that Marchand has played for the Bruins, his numbers have done nothing but rise. 

Potential Linemates 

His potential linemate is and always will be Patrice Bergeron. Yes, they have both played without each other, but if you watch the chemistry between the two of them. It is remarkable and it shows on the ice, where it counts. 

Patrice Bergeron
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