ONE Championship Breaking New Ground with Immortal Triumph Card.

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ONE Championship will break new ground not once but twice this coming Friday with ONE Immortal Triumph. Immortal Triumph will take place at Phy Tho indoor stadium in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Breaking new ground

This event will not only be ONE Championships’ first venture into Vietnam but also the organisations’ first event made up exclusively with striking bouts. These striking bouts will take the format of both Muay Thai and kickboxing matchups.

All of ONE Championships’ previous events have featured Mixed martial arts bouts. The decision to exclude mixed martial arts bouts from this card highlights the fact that ONE Championship strongly believes in the quality and drawing ability of both their Muay Thai and kickboxing rosters.

This decision is a smart move by ONE Championship which I feel they needed to make. I believe ONE Championship need to become less reliant on mixed martial arts in their events if they are truly going to brand themselves as ‘the home of martial arts’.

The only problem ONE Championship might face with this card is the flow and timing of the event. Muay Thai and Kickboxing matches are much shorter affairs within ONE Championship. Certainly when compared with their mixed martial arts bouts. It will be interesting to see how the organisation handles this possible issue, although I am confident they have already planned around this.

The goal of Immortal Triumph

The strength of this event shows that ONE Championship is not just trying to test the waters within Vietnam, but that they intend to make a big splash within the country. They are trying to seize the market within Vietnam before their competitors have the opportunity to.

To show their commitment to the market ONE Championship has sanctioned a big main event for the card featuring, Nong-O Gaiyanhadao (259-54-1) vs Brice Deval (33-5-0) for the bantamweight Muay Thai championship of the world.

How to view the event

For information on how to view the event see this ONE Championship article.

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