Browns Three Keys to Victory

Let’s get right to it. Here are the Browns three keys to victory.

The Front Four Must Dominate


With Derrick Henry coming to town, the Browns front four will need to be ready. The bruising back will get even more work with the passing game affected by the loss of Taylor Lewan. This loss forces right tackle Dennis Kelly to shift over to the left side and face Myles Garrett. Clearly not ideal against one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. They will likely counter with a massive run-based attack. The rest of the defensive line will need to step up and make plays. The key to stopping the Titans is to limit big plays in the running game and attack the loss of Lewan in the passing game. The Browns have the talent upfront to get it done.

Get Nick Chubb Going


The Titans come in with the 18th ranked run defense from a year ago, and the Browns must take advantage of this. Everybody will want Baker airing it out to the talented group of receivers, but the smart move is to smash that Titan front with Nick Chubb. Once established, then use play-action to attack through the air. The coaching staff needs to use all the weapons available, and Nick Chubb is a key one Sunday. If he doesn’t get 20 plus carries, the Browns will have a hard time against a strong secondary. Establishing a strong running game will also keep a stout defense well-rested to help close out the win.

Attack, Attack, Attack

Finally, we get to week one in a season of high expectations. All the Titans have heard all offseason is Browns hype and how great and talented their first opponent is. The response from the Titan players? Don’t forget we were 9-7 a year ago and have made some moves of our own. We’ll be ready. The Browns must come out prepared to punch the Titans in the mouth because they will be prepared to do the same. This team must not let up for one second because teams are gunning for the media darlings of the NFL. Baker needs to hit those tight windows. Chubb needs to plow over linebackers. And the defense must continue to take quarterbacks to the ground at the same rate they did in the preseason. Be ready Cleveland because everyone’s coming for you.


In the end, these three keys will bring the Browns a 28-20 victory against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday with Nick Chubb leading the way.

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