Overreaction Sunday

It’s that time of year: Overreaction Sunday. Where your favorite team is either the 1972 Miami Dolphins or the 2008 0-16 Detroit Lions after week 1.

Every year you have teams that perform above expectations or completely bomb. This year is no different and there are already fans and media who are jumping on or off the bandwagon. Last year after the Saints lost to the Buccaneers in week one, a lot of people thought it was going to be a down year for the Saints. We all know how it ended with the Saints being one game away from the Superbowl. Let overreaction Sunday 2019 began.

This year overreaction teams

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have been a running joke for decades now and this year is supposed to be the turnaround year. Last year ended with Baker Mayfield leading them in a late-season surge. Today was supposed to be the beginning of something great but the Titans had other ideas. The final score was 43-13 in favor of the Titans on the Browns home field. Baker Mayfield threw 3 interceptions and was harassed all game.


This is game one and yes the hype train for Cleveland was out of control but now we are going the opposite way. The Browns were out scored 31-7 in the second half and had 18 PENALTIES. These are anomalies that won’t happen again. Were they going 16-0? No, but they aren’t the worst team in the league either.

Dallas Cowboys

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With a drama-filled off season with Ezekiel Elliot holding out for the entire training camp, the Cowboys didn’t exactly have the best offseason. Once Elliot signed his new contract, the talk turned to Super Bowl for the Cowboys. After their 35-17 destruction of the New York Giants, this hype train will continue to roll.

Let’s slow down this train. The Giants are going to be a bottom tier team all year with a sub-par secondary. With his own contract situation, Dak Prescott threw for 4 TDs vs this horrid secondary. Don’t get me wrong, the Cowboys have a chance to be a top team, but let’s not pretend that the Giants are winning more than 5 games this year.

Baltimore Ravens

This is the definition of overreactions. The Miami Dolphin are already in tank mode, so any wins against them is a mirage. The Ravens are a legitimate title contender with a great defense, a versatile young quarterback, and a championship coach. When an NFL team scores 59 points you know the other team is either really bad or just quit. Most NFL games come down to one or two possessions so anyone giving the Ravens a trip to the Superbowl after one one game may need to hit the brakes for now.

Everyone Stay Calm

It’s one game in. A season is not made in one week. There are signs in the first week good and bad. You don’t want to overreact on one play, one half or one game. You can start 0-3 like the Texans last year and still make the playoffs so everyone stay calm. It will get better or possibly worse there is still time.

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Lachard Binkley, Basketball Dept Head
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