The Career Years of Kemba Walker

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The man who brought Charlotte basketball to life has moved on. Kemba Walker has realized that the Hornets aren’t going nowhere fast. In a bittersweet move, Walker signed a deal worth $141 million dollars over a span of four years. Kemba Walker is finally moving on after spending his opening eight years with the Buzz. He’s now looking to call his next four years in Boston, his career years.

Kemba Walker will be the new Celtics point guard

Boston Strong

Now of course we have to mention that the Celtics despite gaining Kemba Walker, lost all star PG Kyrie Irving. Kemba at the time might be a step lower than Irving, but who is to say that in the future? Walker has long been regarded as a “Kyrie lite”. With Boston’s acquisition of Kemba, comes an improved attitude.  

Kyrie Irving has caused some sort of locker room stir everywhere he has been. Kemba Walker on the other hand, has a fantastic reputation in that matter. Walker is coming in to a Celtic team who isn’t fazed. They don’t care that Kyrie has left, as at some points they were better without him last year. Boston still feels strong about where they stand coming into next season. The lineup is strong and ready to compete, and have they really lost anything?

Kyrie Irving guards Kemba Walker

The Comparison: Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving

I, for one, believe the Celtics didn’t really lose anything regarding the point guard position. Kyrie has a stat line consisting of 24pts, 7ast, 5reb. While as Kemba’s stat line consists of 26pts, 6ast, 4reb. As you can see the lines are super tight, and it’s really hard to give an edge here.

It might be hard to give an edge when looking at the stats, however there is another factor. That factor is the ever so crucial attitude. Many players of Boston is sure to have beef following the move made by Irving. Enes Kanter who was recently added through the offseason, has stated that he would rather play with Kemba. I believe that many others on the Celtics roster would choose Walker over Kyrie. Let us see how Kemba lives up to the new position.

Final Thoughts

In a bit of an opinion piece, I will break down how I feel on the Celtics this year. In this article I have looked primarily at the point guard spot. However you can’t deny that the Celtics lost a huge veteran, that will set them back. The front court is in need of an upgrade, and I expect that to be made during the deadline this year.

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