Team USA Falls To France in Quarterfinals of FIBA World Cup

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Down go the Americans. Riding a 58 game International winning streak, the Americans were the favorites to win the World Cup. However, France could care less about your favorites, honestly. They defeated Team USA 89-79 in the Quarterfinals. Thusly, Team USA will not win a third consecutive gold medal, nor will they capture their sixth consectuive International medal. With the loss, Team USA will not medal for only the second timne in the last ten editions of the FIBA World Cup. Led by defending NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Golbert, France proved to be just too much to handle for the Americans. The Utah Jazz star easily obtained a double double with 22 poiunts, and 16 rebounds. Orlando Magic guard Evan Fournier chipped in with 22 points, and 4 assists, respectively.

Now What?

So, what does this mean for Team USA Basketball going forward? Well for one, it means you can no longer just put a team together months before comepition, and expect to compete. International play has caught up to Teamn USA over the last few years. Consider France. They are led by the DPOTY Rudy Golbert. He’s a star in the NBA. No longer can you send borderline star players to these International events with two months of practice, and hope to competively comepete in a pool like this. This goes with saying if players like Steph Curry, Dame Lillard, Russell Westbrook, and stars of that nature will most likely suit up next Summer to play in the 2020 Olympics in Japan. As long as Team USA has their biggests stars ready to suit up, they should be able to recover, and bring home the gold medal next Summer.

NBA Related

If you’re a Jazz fan, you should be excited about this season. Donovan SPIDA Mitchell showed great promise over the Summer. He led the way in a losing effort against France with 29 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists. Also, Rudy Golbert looked great for France. Top that with an incoming Mike Conley Jr, and you easily have yourself a title contender. As for the Boston Celtics, their fans should be a little worried. Jayson Tatum was OUT due to an ankle injury, which shouldn’t hinder him during the season. However, ankle injuries are tricky, and hard to predict. Kemba Walker looked like a deer in headlights as he was the clear cut leader of this team. The moment just seemed too big for him. That’s concerning because he will essentially be thrusted into the same role with the Boston Celtics as well. OOF. Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Briwn looked fine, but nothing they did made you think they’re ready to take the next step. Celtics fans need their players to all take the next step, and judging by their performances during the FIBA World Cup, their players are nowhere near ready for that.

Summer 2020

As previously stated, the Olympics will be in Japan this Summer in 2020. Team USA will have a chance to bounce back from this loss, and reclaim the Gold Medal. Barring any surprising developments, they’re expected to have their A Team ready. Remember watching the Redeem Team play in Beijing in 2008? Fun right? Yup. Being able to watch Kobethrow ally oops to LeBron, and Wade hawking the passing lane like a cheetah. That’s what we are expected to see this Summer. All of our top tier players suiting up for Team USA to avenge this poor performance. I’m excited about it. This loss seemingly makes us want to watch the 2020 Olympics now because we have something to play for this time around. REVENGE. So congrats to France, and good luck the rest of the way. All streaks are meant to be broken, just like records. Now, lets go on another streak. Japan 2020. Soon.

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