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Boston Bruins: Preseason Schedule and Roster

On Sept 11, 2019, the Boston Bruins released their roster for training camp along with their preseason schedule.

Courtesy of NHL.com

Boston Bruins 2019 Training Camp Roster

*AHL contract **Professional Tryout Agreement Please note that the roster and schedule are subject to change at any time.

What About Charlie McAvoy?

Image by Dinur Blum (@Rabbi_d) Via Flickr
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Boston Bruins training camp began Thursday, but both Charlie McAvoy and fellow Restricted Free Agent (RFA) Brandon Carlo were not in attendance. That’s not exactly a surprise, as tons of notable RFAs around the league remained unsigned entering the week. However, the news did break Thursday that negotiations were beginning to progress between McAvoy and the Bruins.

Specifically for the Bruins, they have just over $8 million in cap space, and signing both RFAs likely will take either close to or all of that. They are able to operate above the cap during training camp but have to get back under before opening night. In recent days though, more RFA deals have been reached with defensemen, and that might help paint a picture of what McAvoy could land.

It’s worth noting that McAvoy has not been shy about his desire to stay in Boston for the long haul, so while a shorter-term deal can’t be dismissed, simple logic points to both sides wanting to reach an agreement that has plenty of term.

First Preseason Game of 2019-20 for the Bruins

Monday, Sept 16, 2019, is the start of the Boston Bruins preseason, which kicks off in New Jersey. However, Boston will only be playing against half of the Devils. The New Jersey Devils are splitting their team on that day, half will be in New Jersey to play the Bruins and the other half will be in Montreal to play the Canadiens.

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