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Chicago Blackhawks Report Cards: Patrick Kane

After having one of the worst seasons of his career in 2017-18, Patrick Kane bounced back and put up his career-best in terms of points during the 2018-19 season (110 Points).

2018-19 Stats (81 GP, 44 Goals, 66 Assists, 110 Points)

Grade: A+

End of the Year Awards

  • ” The Best Hair in the NHL ” Nobody has better hair than Patrick Kane


  • Scoring
  • Leadership
  • Ability to shoot the puck
  • Passing

Memorable Highlight


He put up a career-high in goals during the season (44 Goals). His best since 2015-16 (46 Goals).

Kane finished in the top five in goals scored with 44 last season.

He was a big help on the powerplay unit for the Blackhawks, responsible for 9 goals and 30 points.

Many Blackhawks fans question whether Kane will be able to lead this team back to the playoffs and back to the Stanley Cup. With the additions the team made this past offseason, they have a really good chance of getting back to the playoffs and Kane will be a very big part of getting this team back.

Even though the Blackhawks didn’t make the playoffs in 2018-19, Kane still had a career year.

Points Prediction

82 GP, 50 Goals, 65 Assists, 115 Points (I think he wins MVP)

Potential Linemates

Jonathan Toews

Courtesy of Dinur Blum @rabbi_d via Flickr

Brandon Saad

Courtesy of Dinur Blum @rabbi_d via Flickr

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