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DFS For Beginners: Misguided Loyalty

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“Do you really want to hurt me

Do you really want to make me cry”

As die-hard football fans we’ve all felt the way that The Culture Club did back in 1982 when they released the top 10 hit “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”. We are let down by our teams on a regular basis. Feelings of anger, sadness and disappointment are regular occurrences for us. Yet, despite the mental torture, we come back the next week and root just as hard for our teams. Masochism is a prevalent trait amongst sports fans. This loyalty I speak of is admirable when it comes to being a fan of your team. It’s a good thing. Where this loyalty can become a very, very bad thing is when it is applied to playing DFS.

You don’t have a team

If you want to be a successful DFS player you need to push your fandom to the back of your head. It needs to disappear. Who you like or do not like means NOTHING in DFS. Personal opinions have no place in Daily Fantasy Sports. Feelings are not only useless, they can be damaging and ruin your week. When your selections in DFS are being made based on your favorite team or your most disliked rival, you’ve already lost. The only team you have is the one you’ve created. Be loyal to stats, odds and logic.

Feelings can cost you, dearly

There was a recent $1,000,000 contest on DraftKings that could’ve turned out much, much different. This gentleman I know came within 4 points of first place. He’s a big fan of his hometown team and threw a WR from that team into his lineup, out of loyalty. This WR netted 0 points that week. Had he chosen almost any other player at the price of his player he wins the week, easily.

He admits he only chose him because of his fandom. He says he “always includes one player from his team”. This gentleman ended up winning $25,000 in that contest. That’s great, right?!? Well, it is until you realize that picking a player out of loyalty literally cost him $975,000. That’s a very, very bitter pill to swallow. For the record, he’s absolutely devastated. The worst day of his DFS life was the day he won $25,000. I would definitely be devastated as well and, I dare say, you would be devastated too.

Final thoughts

Root for your team. Support your players. It’s what makes this game we all love so great. Passionate fan bases, rivalries and history add so much to the game. So wear your jerseys, put on your hats and fly your flags. Support your team with pride and fervor! However, when it comes time to create a DFS lineup, you need to forget you have a favorite team. You also need to forget you have teams you hate. You need to forget you have feelings. They can only lead you away from rational, intellectual and reason-based choices. I personally cannot stand the Kansas City Chiefs. Perhaps my all-time least favorite team. Do you think that stops me from starting Patrick Mahomes? Not a chance.

Study hard, draft smart, have fun!

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