Thank You Eli Manning

This weekend the New York Giants will March out onto the field for their third game. The uniforms will be the same. The commentators will sound familiar. Yet, Giants’ football will be categorically different going forward. Eli Manning will be relegated to the sidelines. After starting the season with two losses, the Giants will turn their offense over to Daniel Jones. As a lifelong Giants fan, I just wanted to say thank you Eli Manning for everything.

There have been undeniable problems on both sides of the ball. The defense has been horrible through the first two weeks. Opposing receivers have consistently run free for big plays. The times the Giants have been successful at bringing pressure can be count on one hand. Injuries have limited the wide receiving corps to backups. There have been questionable play calls.

Maybe inserting Daniel Jones will change things. Maybe he can use his athleticism to open up Shurmur’s playbook. In time, Giants fans may look back on Sunday, September 22nd as the first game that our new franchise quarter ack took the field. Right now, it just feels odd knowing that we have seen the last of Eli Manning as the starting quarterback of the Giants.

As a lifelong Giants fan, I just wanted to take a second to say a big thank you to Eli. For almost half my life I’ve, Manning has been a consistent fixture. I’ll never forget the two Super Bowls he brought to the Giants. Or the corresponding playoff runs. So to Eli Manning, I say thank you. Thank you for all the wins, memories, and moments that will always be a part of my life.

Daniel Jones will have my full support going forward. I’m excited to see what he can bring to the Giants and how he responds to being named the starter. With that said, Eli Manning will always be my quarterback. Many Giants fans grew up watching Phil Simms and will always connect and love him. I grew up watching Manning. It will take a long time before I hang up my number 10 jersey, that’s if I ever do.

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