Fantasy Basketball: Who to Avoid

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The highly anticipated 2019-2020 NBA season is impending quickly, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to talk fantasy, and who to avoid. Obviously you need to find the sleepers in the draft, the players you can find in later rounds to be the cornerstone of your team, but are you really prepared to draft your team without knowing which players to avoid? No. Worry not, as I will provide you with players to steer clear of. One more thing. I’m not saying to avoid these players at all cost, merely just to avoid them at their current ADP. (Average Draft Position.) Just something to keep in mind. Ok, I’m done rambling. Here are players to avoid in your fantasy basketball draft.

Anthony Davis

I know what you’re thinking. “WHAT?!?!? IT’S ANTHONY FREAKING DAVIS!!” Yes, I know. Davis is a monster, and seemingly every year he is a top fantasy player. However, in addition to being a top fantasy player, he is also hurt seemingly every year. Also, he is ranked #2 by ESPN, which is too high to draft a player you can’t count on to truly carry your team. I believe that both Davis and Lebron James will miss games this year, even if they aren’t seriously injured. They will be resting, or practicing “load management.” However, if Anthony Davis is on the board after pick #6, take him. He’s that good when he’s on the court. Just be weary of his injury concerns. You have been warned.

John Collins

I like John Collins. I really do. But picking him at #17 overall, over guys like Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, and even Zion Williamson? No thanks. The Hawks had two lottery picks in this year’s draft, and took De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish, both players who will take away from Collin’s touches. Factor in the expected increase in Trae Young’s usage rate, and Collin’s role in the offense decreases. However, he will still be a very productive fantasy player, and look to take him after pick #25-30.

Ja Morant

Ok, I don’t expect a lot of push back on this one. While Morant is a talented player, typically rookie point guards struggle initially. Also, if you want to get Morant, you will likely have to take him instead of established all stars, like Draymond Green, Victor Oladipo, and Zach Lavine. You would have to have ALL KINDS of confidence in Morant to do so. Yes, his potential is through the roof, but in the absolute mess of an offensive system the Grizzlies will be in, it is hard to expect him to reach his potential in just his rookie year. Want to take a chance on him in the later rounds? Go for it. Just don’t take him when established veterans are still available.

So there you have it, 3 players to avoid during your draft. Again, all three of these players are valuable, and could make a beneficial impact on your team, it’s just not worth it to take them where they are projected to be drafted. However, maybe Anthony Davis can surprise us and play most of the season. Maybe John Collins still has the lead role in the Hawk’s offense. And maybe Ja Morant doesn’t look like a rookie at all, and reaches his potential in just one year. Who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.


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