Browns Keys to Victory over Ravens

This week the Browns face the Baltimore Ravens for first place in the AFC Central, yes you read that right. Those Browns are playing for first place. Here are the Browns keys to victory over the Ravens and first place.


Lamar Jackson
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The Browns front seven must attack the line of scrimmage and stop the run. This key is the most critical key to winning Sunday. Everything the Ravens do on offense comes from the running game. If you slow/stop that part of their attack, then you control the game. The Brown’s offense is not nearly as potent as the Chiefs. As a result, the defense will need to bring it again on Sunday. The last time the Brown defense faced the Ravens they gave up 296 yards and two touchdowns to the ground game. They must be better this time around.


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Last week the Chiefs were given multiple chances to seal the game with an interception, but the Baltimore receivers made big plays for their young quarterback. Lamar Jackson is still a young quarterback prone to mistakes. Steven Wilks and his staff need to take advantage of that. The secondary must be ready because Jackson will give them chances to make a big play. If the Browns defensive front can create organized chaos, they will have the opportunity to help our struggling offense get on the scoreboard.

Get the Run/Screen game down

Eliana Brown

I know, I know I am beating a dead horse with this, but establishing Chubb will pay off against the Baltimore defense. How do you say? Well, by using the draw and screen game, you can use the aggressiveness of that defense against itself. We saw shades of this against the Rams to help take away Aaron Donald, as much as anyone can. The Chiefs exploited this last week to the tune of 140 yards on the ground and 73 yards in the screen game. Freddie Kitchens and offensive coordinator Todd Monken must be on the same page and take advantage of this. If the Browns can establish Nick Chubb and control the game, it would be a massive advantage for the defense against that tough Baltimore running attack.


Will this be the breakout game the Browns have been looking for throughout the first quarter of the season? Will Baker look better facing a defense he has seen before? All the questions will be answered Sunday in Baltimore. The Browns will find the keys to victory over the Ravens Sunday in M&T Bank Stadium 31-21 with some help from Baker’s best game of the year.

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