College Football Playoff Watch: Week 6

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The college football playoff watch is really heating up! What a weekend! The SEC mini playoff got off to a roaring start with the Gators protecting their home turf and putting down my number #1 team from last week! This week holds even more juicy matchups, so let get to it!

16 through 9: Needs Help Group

16. Boise St.- The Broncos make their first appearance in the room. They have no legitimate path to the playoff unless absolute chaos ensues, but the group of five representative in the New Years six isn’t a bad consolation prize.

15. Utah- The Utes slide back in with Washington losing, their only chance is a one loss matchup win in the PAC 12 title game versus Oregon.

14. Texas- The Longhorns playoff chances come down to this weeks showdown with Oklahoma. Win that and stay in the discussion, lose it and bye bye playoffs.

13. Notre Dame- Michigan’s win over Iowa this week was actually huge for Notre Dame. They have USC this week and then a showdown in the big house. Name recognition and a loss to Georgia will have them in the talk.

12. Oregon- I really don’t think the PAC 12 has a shot at the playoffs, but Oregon is their flag barrier the rest of the way. 11-1 and a conference championship deserves consideration.

11. Michigan- It definitely wasn’t a thing of beauty on Saturday, but they put it in the win column. Still have games at Penn St., home against Notre Dame, and the big one against the Buckeyes to end the year. Win those and that resume is as good as anyone in the room.

10. Auburn- Oh how the mighty have fallen! I told you to relax that the SEC will play itself out. The Tigers are far from out of it with LSU, Alabama, and Georgia still on the schedule. Problem is two loses and you are out, they have a slim chance of going 3-0 versus that gauntlet.

9. Penn St- They stay just outside of the top 8 for now, I want to see if they can win this night game in Kinnick versus a wounded Iowa squad before I put them inside the top 8 of the college football playoff.

First Four Out:

8. Wisconsin- The Badgers control their own destiny. They should handle Sparty this weekend and then Ohio St in the horseshoe in two weeks is their shot to prove they belong.

7. Clemson- The defending national champs have some things to figure out but the ACC shouldn’t be a problem for them to roll through and make it back to the playoff. Then why are they so low?! Because they have been the least impressive of the contenders and I still believe an 11-1 Clemson doesn’t make the playoff with their resume.

6. Oklahoma- Texas this week; if the Longhorns can’t trip them up, no one will in this conference. They are in the same boat as Clemson, but they at least have the Longhorns to put up a fight.

5. Florida- The Gators shocked me beating Auburn honestly. All the warts are still there though as they turned it over 4 times and may be down to a 3rd sting QB heading into a huge showdown in Death Valley this week.

Final Four:

4. LSU- The next leg of the SEC playoff happens this week in a classic Death Valley night game versus Florida. Get through this one and all eyes start turning to November 9th and Alabama.

3. Ohio St.- They clearly are the class of the Big 10, they have a tricky little night game at Northwestern this week and then it’s on to Wisconsin. Can they avoid that head scratching loss in a letdown/look ahead game against the Wildcats?

2. Alabama- The Tide will continue to roll until the showdown with LSU in Tuscaloosa. That defense is not the same Alabama defense we are used to. Could we actually have a shootout in an LSU-Alabama game?!

1.Georgia- The Dawgs slide into the number one slot this week. Do I think they are the best team? Maybe. The fact is of the four team I have in, they have the best win. They have the “easiest” path to the SEC title game, missing Alabama and LSU.

So there you have the college football playoff watch for this week! We have a ton of playoff implications games this week, so let the best regular season in all of sports play out right in front of your eyes and tell us your thoughts at forums and you can follow me @SteelCurtainPEH on twitter.

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