Smackdown Premieres On FOX: 10/04/19


Welcome to a new era for Smackdown as they are now officially a part of the Fox Network and are back to Friday Nights.

The show begins with Vince and Stephanie McMahon making their way to the ring to welcome us to Smackdown.

All Hail King STD?

The man comes down to the ring to kick off the first episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

She cuts a promo stating that “This is in my blood, where I changed the game, and I will repay you by kicking someones @rsh.

The Staples Center, just became the Kingdom, as King Corbin’s music hits, but before he can enter the ring….

If you smell, what the ROCK, is cooking!

The Smackdown crowd is going wild as the Rock has come back…. home!

Corbin stops the Rock, and claims that he is the great one, the most electrifying king in sports entertainment.

The King says to know your role and shut your mouth! As this city has only one king, and it’s not Lebron James.

Becky and the Rock start playing around with Corbin, saying he is a Super Tough Dude, and that crowds around the world will now chant the initials STD for the rest of his life.

They both proceed to attack the King, People’s elbow and a Rock bottom to end the segment.

Becky & Charlotte vs Bayley & Sasha

Becky is set to take action as she is teaming up with Charlotte against Becky and Sasha.

Charlotte starts in the ring, and both Bayley and Sasha start to work on her, however, the queen fights back with several chops and with a big boot that sends Sasha to the outside.

Flair quickly heads to the top, but with the ref distracted, Bayley throws her to the outside.

Back from commercial break, and the queen hits Bayley with an elbow and a knee to the face and tags in the Man.

Becky takes out Bayley with a clothesline and lands several punches, uppercuts and an exploder plex.

She follows up with a leg drop from the top for a near fall.

Charlotte tags in, hits the natural selection on Bayley, but Sasha saves the 3 count.

We get a stare down between The Man and The Boss, and they go at it, lefts, rights, but Bayley comes in and helps.

Full chaos in the ring, exchanging lefts and rights, but Charlotte is able to land a suplex on Bayley, and Becky connects with a missile drop kick on Sasha

With both competitors on the outside, Charlotte goes to the top rope, and hits a moonsault.

Back in the ring, Flair locks in the Figure Four and Bayley Taps out

Champ vs Champ

It seems we are getting a treat, as Nakamura is set to take on the Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

Firefly Fun House Segment

After Rollins comes down to the ring, we get a Firefly Fun House segment, introducing all of the characters.

Ramblin Rabbit with a Seth Rollins t shirt, giving Seth advice to not step into the ring with the Fiend.

This leads to a HITC preview match, between Rabbit and Mercy, which we see Mercy destroy Ramblin Rabbit.

Nakamura vs Rollins

Nakamura starts the match with a quick armbar, but Rollins picks him up and throws him to the corner.

The Smackdown Intercontinental Champion rolls to the outside, which allows the Universal Champion to connect with two suicide dives.

Rollins sends Nakamura back in the ring, which allows Sami Zayn to distract him just enough for Nakamura to almost connect with a Kinshasha.

The Universal Champion counters with a sling blade and an enziguri, and hits a knee and a kick to the face.

Seth starts warming up for the Headstomp, and the lights go out. Rollins gets out of the ring and starts going up the ramp.

However, the Fiend is behind him, and puts the mandible claw on him, and then throws him off the stage.

Ladder Match: Loser leaves Smackdown

KO wasted no time in bringing the fight to Shane.

He quickly slams him into the steel steps, picks up a ladder and Slams it on Shane.

Owens grabs another ladder gets in the ring and sets it up to try and get the briefcase.

But now Shane is back in the ring and takes out KO, however Owens takes him out with a clothesline and heads to the outside to get another ladder

The best in the world takes advantage of the moment and kicks the ladder onto KO and then slams it on his back

McMahon starts taking the announcers table apart, and sets KO on top of it, and hits the elbow through the table!

Back from commercial and KO is inside the ring, he has Shane set up on a ladder, he goes to the top rope and connects with a frog splash

The Smackdown crowd gives us a “This is awesome chant”, and while KO is climbing the ladder, Shane hits him with a chair.

Shane starts using the chair and lands multiple shots on Owens, he sets him up in the corner, sets a ladder in front of Kevin and hits the coast to coast, that sends Owens to the outside.

With the ring to himself, Shane is now climbing the ladder, but before he can reach the top, Owens powerbombs him through another ladder!

KO is now by himself, he climbs the ladder, he has the briefcase and this match is over

Post Match & Comments

KO grabs the microphone and yells “Shane! YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!!”

Thank you Kevin Owens for this moment, we will finally, hopefully, be rid of Shane from TV for quite some time.

Tyson Fury on Smackdown

Screen Shot 2019 10 08 at 12.32.06 PM
Tyson Fury hops over the Smackdown guard rail

8 man tag match between Heavy Machinery, Braun and the Miz vs A.J. Styles, the tag team champions and Randy Orton

Dolph starts things off against the Miz and quickly connects with a zig zag, he is measuring him up for a super kick, but is blocked by Miz who lands a ddt.

Strowman is now in the ring and takes out Ziggler with a shoulder tackle, goes for the pin, and Robert makes the save.

This leads to chaos in the ring, as most competitors land their finishers on each other, and only Braun is left standing.

He calls for the “go around the ring and tackle everyone move” and does. Braun then goes after Ziggler, and “accidentally” sends him onto Fury.

The match ends with Braun picking up Ziggler and connecting with the power slam for the win.

Post Match & Comments

Tyson Fury hops over the Smackdown guard rail and wants to confront Braun, but security steps in before he is able to.

It looks like we are getting a Braun vs Tyson match at Crown Jewel. Braun keeps getting thrown in a lot of gimmick matches, I guess WWE does not know what to do with him.

I am just glad this match is on Crown Jewel and not at Survivor Series

New 24/7 champion

We are shown a backstage clip of DJ Marshmallow with Carmella and Truth.

Marshmallow is able to roll up Carmella and we have a new 24/7 champion.

Smackdown commentators mention that someone has already beaten Marshmallow and that we have to go to Youtube to find out who.


I went to Youtube and Carmella is back as 24/7 champ as she ambushed Marshmallow along with R-Truth to get the title back.

Lumberjack Match

We get a Roman vs Rowan match (weird, since they are going against each other on Sunday).

Rowan starts dominating the match and stomps Reigns to the mat.

He lands a shoulder tackle that sends Roman to the outside, who is quickly attacked by the lumberjacks.

They send him back inside, where Rowan misses a clothesline and is sent to the outside.

He is quickly attacked by the lumberjacks, but fights back. Roman goes to the outside and tries to attack Rowan, but is met with a big chokeslam.

Rowan back in the ring, and he lands a big boot on Roman for a 2 count.

We go to commercial break!

Back from break and Roman is firing up right hands and attempts a superman punch that is countered by Erick with a big boot.

Both men are down and here comes Luke Harper, but Harper is attacked by Daniel Bryan, and chaos follows.

All of the lumberjacks are fighting each other, and Roman flies to the outside onto all. Rowan grabs Ali and power slams him onto Reigns

Erick is now measuring up for the iron claw, locks it in, but Reigns counters with a superman punch.

Roman then hits the spear and this match is over

Cain Velazquez is at Smackdown!

We are set for a match for the World Heavyweight title between Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar

The bell rings, Kofi runs onto Brock, who sets him up for the F5.

1,2,3, this match is over and we have a new champion.

As the crowd looks on in disbelief, Rey Mysterio’s music hits.

But he is not alone, he is with……. Cain Velazquez?

Cain runs into the ring and takes out Lesnar, rights and lefts to the new champion.

Brock rolls out of the ring and is in shock

“When was the last time that you saw Brock Lesnar retreat?”

Cain and Lesnar stare down as Smackdown goes off the air

If you missed last weeks show, please click here for results

Post match and comments

A lot of people will not be happy with Kofi losing so quickly, but they forget Lesnar usually does that to people.

Besides, everyone knew Brock was becoming champion once they moved to Fox.

Cain Velazquez is not a bad opponent, as he does have some wrestling experience, as he was wrestling at Triple AAA.

Plus, most MMA fighters have had success in the wrestling ring.

It does impact a lot of backstage personnel, as once again, you have someone coming in from the streets to “take your spot”.

Oh well, quick HITC predictions:

  • Sasha defeats Becky
  • Roman defeats Erick (never bet against Reigns), but Bryan comes out and states that he is the leader of this after all, everyone attacked Roman after.
  • Natalya makes Evans tap out
  • Bayley defeats Charlotte and retains
  • Something weird happens and Rollins retains

They will probably add some matches afterwards or we might get 30+ minute matches.


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