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Greg Hardy Management Questioning No Contest

Greg Hardy finishing his night with a no contest isn’t the result many expected, but less are shocked by.
In a measured performance against UFC newcomer Ben Sosoli we saw something new for MMA, InhalerGate.

What Happened With Greg Hardy

Looking tired towards the end of the second round Greg Hardy’s corner asked a commission member if they could use an asthma inhaler during the break.
According to Greg Hardy the commission member said it would be okay so they went ahead and used it. This left UFC commentators Daniel Cormier and Dominick Cruz confused and stating this was illegal. UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Marc Ratner, even chimed in to state his belief that this was against the rules.

Greg Hardy unsure of no contest outcome
Greg Hardy remains unsure of the outcome of his UFC Boston bout.
Credit: Forbes

The fight continued and Greg Hardy won a unanimous decision to take the win. Interestingly no post fight interview was done and there was visible confusion cage side. We did not have to wait long to hear the fight was overturned to a no contest.

Greg Hardy’s Post Fight Statement

Greg Hardy's statement.
Greg Hardy’s statement post fight from UFC Boston

The Unexpected News for the No Contest

Ibrahim Kawa.
Ibrahim Kawa along with his brother Abe Kawa operate First Round Management.

Enter Ibrahim Kawa, the manager of Greg Hardy.
Taking to social media Ibrahim Kawa questioned what rule had been broken to warrant the decision being overturned. Going further he then provided clarification on the rules and why he believes the no contest should be overturned.

Greg Hardy’s manager explaining why he is questioning the no contest.

We will have to see if Greg Hardy can overturn the no contest as more information comes to light.
One thing is for sure, the commission member inside the octagon well and truly dropped the ball.

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