Justin Buchholz Claims Men are Better Fighters than Women.

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Former Team Alpha Male head coach, Justin Buchholz caused a stir when he took to twitter to say he believes men are better fighters than women. This was in response to Aspen Ladd’s recent appeal for her loss to be overturned due to her gender playing a role in the stoppage.


Responding to Marc Raimondi of ESPN Buchholz said, “Can we all agree that men are better at FIGHTING than women.”
As you might expect this caught the attention of a few people including fellow MMA fighter, Leslie Smith.

A member of Project Spearhead, an organisation dedicated to fighter’s rights, Smith is not one to back down from a challenge and was quick to join the conversation.

This led to the following exchange taking place between the two fighters as others chimed in on the topic with female and male fighters both getting involved. As you can imagine with any topic that involves gender there were plenty of ugly responses from twitter users.

Buchholz stood his ground but Smith was straight to the point comparing her career to his.
It should be noted that Buchholz is now retired with a 16-11 record.


Going for the ultimate schoolyard move Buchholz threw down the gauntlet.


Smith took the mature route and we are left with another hot topic for fans the fans to attack each about.

If you are still unsure of who Justin Buchholz is then look no further than Team Alpha Male!
He was the head coach for the team until he left to start his own facility citing difficulties with TAM owner, Urijah Faber.

Having coached multiple female fighters it would be interesting to hear their thoughts on the person responsible for their growth saying they aren’t comparable to their male counterparts.

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