All 31 NHL Home Jerseys Ranked, 2019-2020


The National Hockey League sports some of the best brands in all of sports. Whether it’s the classic Blackhawks’ dignified chief, the Red Wings’ timeless wheeled wing, or the Sharks’ perfectly designed teal shark chomping a hockey stick, the NHL is most known for its memorable team branding and its jerseys.

One aspect of a team’s brand is their jersey design. Here are all 31 NHL teams’ home jerseys ranked 31-1 (don’t worry, a list of away jerseys is soon to come).

#31: Nashville Predators

Nashville Predators
Photo credit to Fanatics

Don’t get me wrong, the creative guitar strings on the numbers and the piano on the inside of the collar is cool, but the Predators have gone way too yellow in recent years. Too much yellow is a serious eye sore on the ice. It’s hard to get used to the uniforms when Roman Josi looks like a banana on skates on national television. The logo is a completely different story, however.

#30: Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings
Photo credit to Fanatics

It’s classic, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best looking jersey. Detroit’s jersey is just plain and boring. There’s nothing much going on in this jersey besides the logo, and the one-stripe look doesn’t do it any favors as well. The logo should be placed more towards the middle of the jersey as well.

#29: Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning
Photo credit to Fanatics

Let’s take the Toronto Maple Leafs’ jerseys and (almost) completely ripping it off. That’s exactly what the Lightning’s jerseys are. Once again, like Detroit’s, the two-color look looks very boring. Maybe add bolts of lightning as the stripes and it would definitely raise this jersey higher on the list. Plus, why is there only black in the numbers and nowhere else?

#28: Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs

The only reason the Leafs’ jersey is higher than the Lightning’s is because of the two-striped sleeves. Other than that, it’s dull, and void of life, just like the team in do-or-die situations.

Don’t hate me, I’m a Leafs fan.

#27: Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus Blue Jackets
Photo credit to Fanatics

While the color scheme is phenomenal and the logo is top-notch, the Blue Jackets totally blew a huge opportunity with this jersey. There could be so much more to this jersey that would make it a top-tier tarp, but they just lazily threw on one long stripe down the sleeves and called it a day. Blown opportunity, here.

I’m from Ohio, please don’t hate me for this!

#26: Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings
Photo credit to Fanatics

Now that we are starting to get into jerseys that I like, it was a little tough trying to place jerseys in the right spots on the list, but after a lot of thinking, I believe this list is the best list I could come up with.

The Kings basically took Columbus’ jerseys, made them black and white, and slapped a thick stripe on the sleeves (even though the stripes look pretty good on the jersey). If there were a stripe or two on the bottom of the jersey, like the Gretzky-era Kings jerseys, it would be so much better.

#25: Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers
Photo credit to Fanatics

If only the Oilers stuck with the blue primaries…

However, even if there is a lot of orange in this, it fits well with the team. The orange is very bright, but in my opinion, it was pulled off correctly. The blue shoulders really compliment the striping on the bottom and sleeves. However, there is just a little too much orange. The Gretzky-era jerseys were much better (noticing a trend? That wasn’t really intentional).

#24: Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers
Photo credit to Fanatics

I recently just moved to the Philadelphia area before I went off to college at Ohio University, so I have been seeing many of these jerseys more and more in my life (my stepdad owns like, ten Flyers jerseys). The logo is cool, and the name with the white box on the back is very creative and complementary to the jersey. However, if the shoulders had black on them as well, this jersey would be much better. There’s just a little too much orange in them.

#23: Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals
Photo credit to Fanatics

Aside from the logo being horrendously tacky, the jersey is actually pretty slick in its presentation. The white down the sleeves give it a nice touch and compliments the blue lining. The font is one of the best fonts in the league. However, it could be a little less simplistic in its design, as the logo doesn’t do the jersey any solids. Overall, it’s a decent jersey.

#22: Arizona Coyotes

Arizona Coyotes
Photo credit to Fanatics

The logo? Fantastic. The colors? Great. The unnecessarily overbearing white chunks on the ends of the sleeve? Not good. The lower half of the sleeve has too much white in them without a black stripe of some sorts to compliment it. It just looks like the players dipped their arms in white paint and let it dry before the game. At least it’s better than their previous home jerseys with the all white striping.

#21: Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators
Photo credit to Fanatics

There’s just something missing in this jersey. The sleeves are well done, but the rest is lacking of content. Some black and white striping on the bottom of the jersey would make it much better. The logo is good, but the jersey should have tiny gold stripes on the sleeves or the bottom to compliment the gold on the logo. Other than that, it’s a pretty good jersey, not the worst at all.

#20: New Jersey Devils

New Jersey Devils
Photo credit to Fanatics

Much like the Ottawa Senators’ jerseys, the Devils’ sweaters need a bottom stripe pattern to really make the jersey pop. Otherwise, the color scheme is cool (who can’t go wrong with red, black, and white, especially with a team called the “Devils”?).

I may be Protestant but the Devils have some pretty good jerseys.

#19: New York Islanders

New York Islanders
Photo credit to Fanatics

Sorry, Devils fans, but the Islanders just edged you guys out on this list.

The Fisherman sweaters were probably my favorite jersey in Islanders history. However, I have to respect this classic look from what I like to call the “Dynastic Period” for Long Island. The color scheme is not my personal favorite but the jersey makes up for it with a great design. There is not much to complain about but the color scheme, and even then, it’s not the worst. The Islanders did this jersey right. However, there’s just something about it to me that doesn’t separate it from the pack. The font is a little too blocky for the style of jersey, in my opinion. Overall, this is a neat jersey.

#18: Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild
Photo credit to Fanatics

This might tee off some fans reading this as this jersey is regarded as one of the best in the public eye. However, the older Wild jerseys were so much better when there was more striping. The logo is incredible, don’t get me wrong, but the one beige stripe across the middle being the only detail on this jersey? Huge letdown in my book. However, I cannot get over how sleek these colors look. Minnesota sports always have had teams with very unique colors, and the Wild are no exception.

#17: Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks
Photo credit to Fanatics

The general consensus states that the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim jerseys were better. But, let’s not undermine the sharpness of these jerseys. The black with the hints of orange and beige look perfect for a team called the “Ducks.” I feel as if they could do more with the shoulders but nonetheless this jersey is crispy (which is a good thing).

#16: Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets
Photo credit to Fanatics

If someone were to ask Patrick Laine if the Winnipeg Jets’ jerseys look cool, he’d be too occupied playing the new season of Fortnite to respond. If someone were to ask me if the Winnipeg Jets’ jerseys look cool, I’d give them two thumbs up.

We’ve entered the point in this list where every jersey is a great jersey (because who doesn’t love the unique style of hockey sweaters, am I right?). The Jets try not to go wild with the colors in this jersey, which pays off in dividends. The colors fit the team, and so do the jerseys, much to the chagrin of fans of the old Jets jerseys before they moved to Arizona.

#15: Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers 1
Photo credit to Fanatics

What if the only reason Sergei Bobrovsky left the Blue Jackets was because he wanted to wear better jerseys?

In all seriousness, the Panthers did their rebrand right. The main reason people think older jerseys are “better” is because of nostalgia. Let’s take the nostalgia glasses off for this list, shall we?

The logo is very well done, the color scheme is great, and the jerseys look very modernized. The font on these sweaters is one of the best in the league. Bobrovsky can sleep at night knowing he chose the right team with the right jerseys.

#14: San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks 1
Photo credit to Fanatics

This may come as a shock to some people that these jerseys are not in the top ten, but I have a reason for that.

With the Sharks uniforms, the colors are great. The Sharks are the only team I can think of at the top of my head that pull off teal as their primary color correctly. However, the black helmets and pants greatly improve the look of the jersey. Without them, the jersey is a little too teal, with not enough black and orange to compliment it. Nonetheless, the color scheme is probably the best in the NHL and these jerseys are very good.

#13: Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars 2
Photo credit to Fanatics

Although Dallas’ green isn’t my personal favorite color to use for a hockey team, the Stars pull this jersey off incredibly. The striping reminds me a little of the Rangers’ or Blackhawks’ jerseys, which is a good thing. The star in the middle tops it all off like smooth buttermilk frosting on a moist, white wedding cake. Solid jerseys.

#12: Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames
Photo credit to Fanatics

Even if their primaries isn’t as good as their current alternates, these tarps are a solid second place for the Flames. The black, red, and white make the players look like a rag-tag team of skating firefighters ready to battle a fire. The black ‘C’ on the front is slick, and the font is complementary to the jersey. The color scheme really makes this jersey stand out. I mean, it’s the Flames, they’ve always had cool colors.

#11: New York Rangers

New York Rangers
Photo credit to Fanatics

Devils fans are probably punching the air right now with this list.

Kaapo Kakko looks fantastic in this uniform. In fact, every player on the Rangers do. Patriotic colors are no stranger to the colonial states, and the Rangers have by far the best looking patriotic uniforms in all of sports (even if they aren’t necessarily intended to be patriotic). If the Rangers used their primary logo as a crest on the jersey instead of the slanted font, this jersey would be in the top five.

#10: Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres
Photo credit to Fanatics

After going through multiple jersey transitions, from the black and white uniforms to the “Banana Slug” jerseys, the Sabres opted to go back to the classic style, just with a darker blue that makes the yellow and white stand out tremendously in this jersey. The striping is one of the best in the league, and the Sabres can’t go wrong with the font. All in all, this jersey is well deserving to be in the top ten.

#9: Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens 1
Photo credit to Fanatics

Le Club de Hockey Canadien (don’t you sound quirky reading that?) boasts some stellar sweaters if that. The blue streaking across the middle complimented with the white outlines are candy for the eyes on and off the ice. The ‘C’ is a timeless classic, and unlike the Red Wings’ logo, doesn’t feel outdated whatsoever. There’s not much to be said about this jersey other than it’s great.

#8: Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks 2
Photo credit to NHL Fan Jersey Online

The best thing the Vancouver Canucks could have done to their 2018-2019 home jerseys was to scrap with the text above the logo, and that’s exactly what they did for their 50th season anniversary jerseys. This particular blue and green combination is one of the best color schemes in sports, and the logo really makes this jersey stand out. The Canucks really hit a home run (or scored a goal) with this year’s design.

#7: Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins
Photo credit to Fanatics

Yes, even I, as a Leafs fan, have to admit that these jerseys are incredible.

The thick triple-striping on the jersey is immaculate and the shoulders compliment them as well. Place the classic ‘B’ in a circle on the jersey and you have yourself a great design. There isn’t much else to say about this jersey except that it is definitely worthy of the number seven spot.

#6: Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins
Photo credit to Fanatics

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of large crests on a jersey. Why not use the space you have on the jersey to make the logo bigger and stand out more?

The Penguins did a good job switching to classic Pittsburgh colors that represent the city. Also, the design on the jersey added on top of having a cool crest really makes this well-deserving of a top six spot.

I could never imagine Sidney Crosby wearing a different uniform besides the Penguins’, on a side note.

#5: Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina Hurricanes
Photo credit to Fanatics

Now we tread into the top five.

When the Hurricanes ditched the plain white striping and unveiled these bad boys, I about soiled my pants in excitement. The hurricane warning flags in between the beautiful mesh of black and white striping is the eye’s dessert after a Thanksgiving dinner. The black on the sleeves totally makes this jersey stand out as well as having the classic hurricane logo on the front of it. You can’t go wrong with the color scheme, as well.

#4: Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks
Photo credit to Fanatics

And to think I used to not be a fan of the logo having different colors other than the colors on the jersey.

The more I look at this sweater, the more I love it. If it weren’t for the subtle shoulder patches matching the crest, it wouldn’t blend together as much. That’s what makes this jersey so special. The white and black striping on the bottom is perfectly done and wonderful to look at on national television and in real life.

#3: Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas Golden Knights
Photo credit to Fanatics

As much as having a really cool name, the Knights’ sweaters have irresistibly unique features on it. The subtle pattern on the gold stripes on the sleeves are a work of art, and the little hint of red gives a little flavor to the uniform. The dark grey and black in this jersey looks menacing on the ice. Vegas fans should be grateful for these beautifully sophisticated sweaters.

#2: St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues
Photo credit to Fanatics

Watching this team in the finals meant getting a look at these sweet, delicious jerseys.

The Blues sport these fantastic jerseys on the ice almost every home game. Although some fans believe their throwback alternates look better, I’m not convinced one bit. The dark and royal blue paired with the pairing of yellow and white separate this jersey from almost all others. The shoulders are clean, the striping is well put together, and the logo slapped on royal blue makes this tarp incredible to look at on the ice.

#1: Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche 2
Photo credit to Fanatics

Last year, I did a jersey ranking list on my Instagram page with the Avs having the number one jersey of the 2018-2019 season. Not to my surprise, I still think this jersey is the best in the NHL. I’m a sweet tooth for burgundy, of course, but who in their right mind would have thought that deep ice blue would compliment the burgundy so well on a jersey? One thing is for certain; the ones who designed this sure did.

The colors are astoundingly gorgeous, the grey font and lining is neat, the mountain-like design on the bottom is super creative, the shoulders with the blue running down them are amazing, and the logo tops it all off like a cherry on whipped cream. This sweater is a treat to look at on the ice and I would love to go to Denver just to see all of these jerseys being worn around. They’re truly the best jerseys in the NHL, in my eyes.

Do you agree or not? What jersey do you think is the best in the NHL? Make sure to let us know on our Twitter and share this article with your friends! We would appreciate it greatly.


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